Hi, Google Cloud customer, you need a partner!

A dedicated Google Cloud Partner is essential to getting the most out of your critical business platform. It’s risk-free and doesn’t even need to cost a thing. Here are your benefits.

Ok, so you’ve decided to bring Google Cloud technologies into your business! You’re in good company. Enterprises such as Spotify, PayPal, Linkedin (Microsoft-owned), SAP, Facebook, Verizon and Intel rely on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to build their business.

GCP runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses themselves. That makes it very appealing. The use cases for Google Cloud are endless, with more than a hundred different products listed under the Google Cloud brand. Your company is probably just using a small fraction of the services that span from computing and storage to databases, identity, Big Data, AI, IoT, office productivity and more.

A Google Cloud Partner understands your ecosystem

It takes an expert just to know what services are available and how you can utilize them for your benefit. 

And as all products are continuously evolving, being on top of all the changes and new possibilities also takes time.

Having a team of developers utilising all the various services also means that you must keep a close eye on the licensing costs. You obviously shouldn’t pay more than you need or pay for services you are not using. But unfortunately, that is not uncommon when it comes to investments in cloud services.

That’s why every Google Cloud customer needs a Google Cloud Partner.


Google loves their partners

Contrary to Microsoft, Google does not want to be a services company. They want to connect their customers with the right partner. Your Google Cloud license costs won’t go up if you choose to license through a partner. But partners can offer flexible invoicing (instead of credit cards) and special discounts. 

Preferred Google Partners also get access to various funding possibilities, such as workshops and proof-of-concepts.


Selecting the right Google Cloud Partner

I hope this blog post has ensured you that you need a Google Cloud partner. There are thousands of them, and they are very different; in specialization, individual certifications, size, industry expertise, territory and more. They are all listed here

You should select a partner that best fits your organization’s needs.


What sort of Google Cloud Partner is The Cloud People?

Our company is young, but our ambition is to be the leading Northern European partner on Google Cloud.

We’ve decided NOT to build competence on the two competing platforms, Azure and AWS. Companies that come to us will know where our minds and hearts are. 

We’re both a Google Cloud Reseller Partner and a Google Cloud Service Partner. Earlier this year, we earned the highest level of achievement, a Google Cloud Premier Partner status. That is a recognition of our competence and solid experience from several large Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace projects.

We have grown to 250 cloud professionals across Northern Europe in the last two years, including our delivery center in Poland. Our secret sauce is our focus on 100% transparency. Through a delivery method that we call Smart Resourcing, we want to revolutionize the IT services industry. Through Smart Resourcing, the clients get complete insights into our talent pool with each consultant’s experience, customer satisfaction score and expertise. They can search for the factors that best meet their needs; No more custom-written CVs or seniors that are seniors only for their rates and not for their experience.


– Without the expertise of The Cloud People, we would have spent twice as much time to market with our cloud solution.





What services can we offer you?

We have a large and growing talent pool covering areas such as cloud architecture, application modernisation, DevOps, networking, security, AI, Data Engineering/Big Query, collaboration and advisory. You can read more on our Google Cloud services page.

Some clients buy software and support, while others outsource all their Google Cloud needs through our Application Managed Services (AMS) offering. In our collection of inspirational customer stories, you can read about how Sayfr decided to outsource the development of their new software to us instead of hiring their own team, thereby reducing time-to-market by 50%. 

Or you can learn how we helped Ayce create the first Nordic virtual film and animation studio, harnessing the extreme computing power in the Google Cloud Platform. Why buy computing power you only use occasionally when you can rent it on demand?

We help companies in all sorts of industries, from beverage (Arcus), via media (Amedia, Egmont), to SaaS (24sevenoffice) and municipalities (Ringerike Kommune), to get the most from their Google investments. 

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