Why choose a Chromebook?



For the majority of computer users a Chromebook will mean better performance and less maintenance than is the case with more expensive machines. A Chromebook is a sensible and positive choice, whether you need to upgrade your own device or your child needs a new laptop to do their homework.


Cloud workers want to work from wherever they choose

Working practices have changed. Today, 1 in 4 people are what we call “cloud workers” – individuals who work and collaborate in the cloud in real time. More and more businesses are opting to use cloud-native applications for everyday work, which means that more and more employees expect the workplace to arrange matters so that they can work securely from any device, regardless of where they are located. They value speed, convenience, collaboration and mobility, and choose workplaces that can accommodate this.

We feel that these are good arguments for introducing Chromebooks in the workplace.

Smarter, faster and more secure

Chromebooks are particularly common in two sectors, which both have very important technological priorities: the education and technology sectors. Both sectors distribute and maintain computers for countless users with varying levels of proficiency. It is therefore essential that the devices used are not only fast and secure, they must also be hard-wearing and able to take a few knocks. And Chromebook fits the bill.

Process isolation – sandboxing

Chromebook has several built-in security features that protect your data using several layers of security. With the help of process isolation all websites and apps are run in a contained environment where different sessions and processes are kept isolated from one another. This isolation eliminates possible threats from unsafe sites. The devices are process-isolated from the start, which means that even children at primary school can use them safely without the school having to worry about harmful data. Users can quickly and easily log in on a Chromebook via a Google account or an enterprise cloud-based account, and synchronise data with the aforementioned account. Any user at a company or a school can log in on any device in the same way.

Automatic software updates

The devices all have disks, firmware and system updates from Google, and are updated automatically every six weeks (and sometimes more often!). When an update is released, Chrome OS installs it in the background, so that you are not interrupted in the middle of your work. Once installation is complete, an icon appears in the bottom right corner in the system status field to indicate the Chromebook is ready for restarting. Everything happens automatically, and the user is not required to do anything. This makes the devices especially user-friendly for schoolchildren.

You can genuinely do everything on a Chromebook

Google Play has released Android apps for Chromebook, which means that you can do the same things on a Chromebook as on your phone. Google Play has made available apps from Office 365 and Adobe, among others, which means that if you are dependent on software such as Word, Excel and Photoshop you can still use a Chromebook. And whatever apps you install, a Chromebook will ensure that all documents and files are safe.

If anyone is wondering whether Chromebook really is a complete computer, our answer is “yes, absolutely!” At The Cloud People we use a number of Chromebooks from Acer, and we can therefore say with confidence that the devices stand up to the rigours of everyday use, whatever the task. Chromebooks from Acer are available at reasonable prices, which means that you get plenty of machine for your money whatever model you decide to go for.

Curious about Chromebook? Just contact us, and we will be happy to tell you more.