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Norwegian Transport Workers’ Union (NTF) was founded in 1896 and organizes around 20.000 members across the country. The Association is a union affiliated with LO, which is Norway’s largest employee organization with over 900.000 members.

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NTF had an outdated website with old solutions. Previously, the website was located on Notes CMS, but after consulting with us we came to the solution that the website had to be moved. The choice fell on Sites CMS.

NTF wanted a completely new solution, which included design solutions and services from The Cloud People, as well as SEO optimization of existing and future content.


The Norwegian Transport Workers’ Association now has a Sites solution on the website. The solution that’s in use today is responsive and works well on all mobile platforms. Adjustments that we’ve made along the way has ensured that the website is functional and tidy.

NTF has members from several countries and therefore needs a multilingual website. Previously, this was solved by setting up pages in different languages, but after the updates, the choice was to use a Google translate plugin. This feature ensures easier maintenance and more control for

NTF wants to distribute relevant news, but does not have the capacity or resources to produce these daily themselves. This was solved by linking information and news from Transportarbeideren via LO media and the journal Fri Fagbevegelse via an external news feed on the website. This is encoded externally. On the website visitors also find a meeting and an activity plan. This is coded into Sites Admin, which the customer maintains and updates themselves.

NTF also wanted a separate intranet for the UNION and the union representatives and employees. The intranet, which today functions as a platform for sharing internal and professional information, has a Sites solution as the web pages.

The result

The website appears more user-friendly and future-oriented today.

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