Training course in G Suite – Do I need it?

Changing workplace often means learning new systems. As an authorized reseller of G Suite, it’s no surprise that The Cloud People also uses the platform internally. And you can bet I was happy! For I already know everything there is to know about G Suite. Or do I?

“Finally!” was my first thought when I figured out that my new employer was using G Suite as their collaboration platform. Personally, I have used Gmail and Disk for many years, both as an email service and for sharing documents with family and friends. And I love it! The fact that the workplace uses G Suite gives me a feeling of “coming home” because the tools feel so familiar. Never again will I have to do my reports in Excel, which time and time again ended up in 30 different versions of the same document because of the constant corrections. Or not to mention storage on my private hard drive. To this day I still try to repress that awful day my PC suddenly and unexpectedly died and I was unable to turn it back on. I lost absolutely everything except what I had once sent from my email. The result was long and tiring days and a lot of work trying to find what was lost.

Working in the cloud

I was eager and full of confidence and joy at finally being able to say I was working in the cloud – for real! I created folders in my private Drive and created my system. I shared documents, received shared files, discovered we had something called “Shared Drive” and soon the past was history. But, in the midst of my euphoria, I also discovered that the shared files lacked system and structure. It was no problem to find my own files, but I struggled to understand why some files couldn’t be shared with certain contacts. “Why can’t Tord access the spreadsheet Therese has shared with me?”. “Why doesn’t the link to the document work for everybody that I sent it to?”. I bet I’m not the first to ask these questions. Luckily, I’m seated in the same office as all our G Suite experts.

When colleague Vanni suggested setting up new training courses in G Suite, I was more than excited about the idea. Because, certainly there must be more people who experience the same as me. Yes, it is easy to use G Suite on a daily basis, I think everyone agrees on that (even my dad who’s in his seventies mastered it after having to change collaboration platform when I started this job!) But, I suspect there are many features in G Suite that I don’t take advantage of. Shortcuts I don’t know about, knowledge about which layout is necessary for me to be able to share my documents properly, and what constraints I should put on which document… Simply tricks and tips that will make my workday even easier and more efficient.

More confident with training courses

I’m doing absolutely fine without a training course today, and I’m certain I’ll gain the knowledge that I lack today with time. By asking my colleagues (a lot of stupid questions…) and discovering things along the way, you learn a lot. Unfortunately, I rarely take the time to take courses online or study on my own during working hours, and so far I have frankly not quite seen the necessity as G Suite works fine for me. But, I must admit the thought of knowing the platform inside-out is tempting. Imagine how much more efficient and productive I’ll be.

I’m convinced that the confidence a training course will give me will result in more motivation and pleasure in using the platform everyday. And I think this will apply to several of my newest colleagues as well (without them knowing I’ve signed them up for training with Vanni… I think they’ll thank me! At least afterwards). Dad will probably have to settle with me as his tutor, but even he will benefit from my new knowledge.

New training courses

We have already held successful training courses for several of our clients privately, but are currently working on setting up a course calendar so that even more people can enjoy learning more about G Suite. Are you interested? You can take a look at the courses we offer here.

What can a course run by The Cloud People teach you?

The great thing about G Suite is that it just works! Seamlessly on your phone, Chromebook or computer. We will show you how to use the tool effectively and how to take advantage of the functionality. We will help you to interact with your colleagues in the best possible way. G Suite makes collaboration and sharing easier, and can improve the productivity of your business. We’ll show you how.