From the neighbouring farm in Iceland to The Cloud People and Google partnership

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Portrait of Hilmar Oskarsson.
Product Advisor
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The Cloud People focuses first and foremost on the people who work in the company and the skills they have. That fact, along with the Google partnership, was just one of many reasons why I wanted to work precisely here. The Cloud People allows people to work better – together. Including the employees.

Broad range of services

It’s already several months since I started at The Cloud People, a company I wanted to work at for a number of reasons. One of these was Google, and another was how The Cloud People views its employees. The company is built first and foremost on the people who work there, and the skills the employees possess. It was important for me to understand what the management thinks about future growth, and how they look after the employees. The Cloud People delivered on all points!

At The Cloud People, the employees share their knowledge, and we benefit from one another. It is in everyone’s interest that the person next to you does a good job, and we are a cohesive team. The employees have extensive experience in information technology and broad competence in several fields. At The Cloud People we offer Google’s cloud solutions and collaboration tools, as well as project management, design and web solutions. In other words, a broad range of services. Maybe it’s not so strange that this is where I wanted to be?

IT technology is still fairly young

When I was fourteen I remember I got a Commodore 64, which took up all the space on my desk at home. Today I have a computer that can fit in my trouser pocket, but which can also do so much more than that stationary best-seller from the 1980s. Everything was going to be so much better and faster with this new technology, but there was also a lot of trial and error along the way. Today we have got so used to technology running smoothly, and we have just forgotten that at one time it took ages for a large website to load. Today we can stream videos, apps and websites without a hitch on our mobile while we are sitting on the bus. This technological journey we are on today obviously was and is something I want to be involved in and work on.

Jobs of the future need specialists

I come from Iceland, a society that teaches you to try everything out and do most things yourself, because the nearest specialist might be miles away. I have done a lot of different types of work, having had a go at being a horse trainer, a gardener and a cook, to mention just a few things. On the nearby farms in Iceland, everyone stepped up, and the farmers needed all the extra manpower they could get. But in my twenties I saw a shift. Where it had previously been possible to earn a bit of extra money, it was now harder to find work. Why? The answer is technology. In a short time computers became so powerful and advanced that a farmer could easily do all the work himself, and was no longer dependent on external manpower. Today farmers don’t even need to milk their cows themselves; robots do it. We have gone from a world in which a “jack of all trades” could easily find work on a neighbouring farm, to one that demands specialists. If you want to survive on the job market, you have to learn something new. So it was back to school for me.

Why did I decide to change career? After many years in the service and sales industry I concluded, as did no doubt many others, that whatever work you did, many jobs in the future would be dependent on a system that could deal with and store the vast quantities of information streaming in. Whatever the sector, companies need to process this information and translate it into something we humans can read in order to do our jobs better. I wanted to be involved in work that would make this run smoothly. After six years of training and work experience in technology, I have been through a lot, but I still have a lot to learn.

I, like The Cloud People, believe in Google’s cloud solutions, and think these can make things easier for companies, saving them major operating expenses and time spent on IT. Would you like to read more about Google Cloud Platform, G Suite or one of the other solutions we supply? Have a look at our solutions, or contact us for a no-obligation chat.

Psst! Now you can send a message to Hilmar and all the other fine people at The Cloud People here.

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