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Are you in need of a set of tools to streamline your workday? Then we at The Cloud People can help you. As a Google Cloud Platform collaboration partner, we can help you set up your G Suite account. Feel free to contact us today for a non-binding chat about what we can do for your organization.

G Suite is a set of useful tools needed during a work day, provided by Google. With G Suite you don’t need to download a program on your device, because the application is available in your browser. The web application is available in Chrome, Safari, and several other browsers. You will have access to everything you need; email, calendar, contacts, chat, presentations, documents, spreadsheets, and file sharing. This makes everything available at any time, no matter where you are.

You don’t have to be connected to the Internet to access your files. With G Suite you can simply log into the application at any time and access documents and make changes. When you reconnect the device to a network, G Suite will automatically save any changes you’ve made.

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Tools you need every workday


Mail is one of the most frequently used communication programs in every organization. Gmail is one of the most used programs, and with G Suite we can adapt this to your company with a @yourcompany address.

Google Drive

Google Drive is G Suite’s storage service. Here you can get hold of all your files. Instead of having everything stored on your computer or your organizations’ servers, you can have everything stored in Google Drive. With Google Drive, you have access to all documents, images, and files wherever you are and what device you’re working on. Google Disk is accessible on all devices; by smartphone, tablet and computer. The storage device also has auto-saving and does backup of your files.

Documents, spreadsheets and presentations

With G Suite, sharing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with your colleagues is easier than ever. You can also create and edit these in real time – Google automatically stores everything in Disk while you work.


With G Suite you can easily plan and arrange meetings and appointments in the calendar. You can also share the calendar with your colleagues so that you get insights into each other’s agendas.

A laptop and a phone displaying collaboration between three people in Google Docs.

The benefits of G Suite

At The Cloud People we help you set up your G Suite account. With G Suite you’ll get a more clear and neat workday. Everyday life can get a little easier and more productive, and it will be easier to work from home. The Cloud People tailor the entire application an agreement with the organizations’ needs and wishes.

About The Cloud People

The Cloud People is a certified Google Cloud Platform collaboration partner and authorized G Suite dealer. We help companies work better together with communication tools that work. The applications we set up for organizations are made to make the workday a little easier.

Our team of certified consultants tailor the application to the customer’s needs so that it contains what the company wants and needs. We have done this for both small and large organizations, and our G Suite consultants and Google Cloud architects are experts in using the client’s vision when the application is set up.


The Cloud People offers everything you need, from pre-planning workshops to change management and implementation, as well as world-leading solutions to maximize the value of your investment.

If you want a free workshop with our G Suite advisors? Contact us today at sales@thecloudpeople.com.

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