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Why Sheetgo? With Sheetgo you can connect spreadsheets and automate your work. Sheetgo is the no-code automation tool for office teams. Sheetgo enables you to connect spreadsheets and automate your work. Sheetgo is the no-code automation tool, where you can build an automated system for any business process — all from a spreadsheet. Get accurate data for reporting and say goodbye to emails, copy-pasting and back-and-forth communication. The Cloud People is the only Sheetgo partner in the Nordic, and we can help you get started with this flexible and collaborative solution.

A Google Sheets document with the Sheetgo plugin in the sidebar.

Watch your data move like magic


Transfer data between Google Sheets, Excel & CSV files.


Filter, consolidate, append and distribute.


Schedule automatic updates.

Module from Sheetgo showing how to share data with colleagues and teams. Various people collaborating in a Google Sheets document.

Share data across your team, instantly

Push and pull data between Google Sheets, Excel and CSV files. Collect, combine and filter into a master sheet. Distribute information to your colleagues. No more copy pasting or emails.

Collaborate remotely

An automated workflow moves data from sheet to sheet and person to person, keeping the entire team connected no matter where you’re located. Share data, synchronize tasks.

Automate any process

From inventory management to sales tracking, you can create a custom Sheetgo system to automate any chain of tasks. More flexible and affordable than specialist software. No coding. No new software. Just sheets.

Better reporting

Consolidate and filter data from multiple sources for faster analysis and actionable insights. Create your own BI system and feed your dashboard with up-to-date and accurate data. No scripts, macros or ImportRange.

Streamline data, boost productivity

By keeping data in separate but connected sheets, you create a secure and organized workflow. Get the data you need, exactly where you need it. Lighter sheets. More control. Better data.

Giving you the tools to create your own custom solution

Sheetgo gives users the freedom and flexibility to design a workflow perfecty tailored  and adapt it as needs change. With Sheetgo, you can make your spreadsheets work like a database. Forecasting, inventory management, student grades tracking, order processing — no matter what data you need to duplicate, share, consolidate, filter, distribute or report, you can use Sheetgo.

Various app modules in Sheetgo.

About The Cloud People

The Cloud People is a certified ServiceNow and Google Cloud Platform collaboration Partner, and authorized G Suite Reseller. We help and guide organizations transform their business to the cloud and gain and utilize the competitive advantages from the best cloud platform solutions on the market today.

Our team of project managers, designers, developers, Cloud Architects and data engineers build affordable custom applications and integrations. We’ve delivered a large number of successful projects for medium and large-scale customers in Northern Europe, within most industries, like telecommunication, banking, finance and energy.


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