Why should you choose G Suite for your business?

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We at The Cloud People strive to get people to work better – together. That’s why we believe in Google services and why we think that their solutions are the best for businesses. The productivity tools in G Suite are suitable for businesses of all sizes, and they will save time and make the working day more efficient. In addition, the platform will make internal collaboration even better. How?

G Suite solves challenges you didn’t even know you faced, something that makes it a leading player in the sector when it comes to cloud-based infrastructure. Here employees can work together in real time in Google Documents, save and share files, hold video conferences and chat across locations. In addition, G Suite gives you the option to give all employees a custom, professional @yourbusiness e-mail address.

There is a reason why more than 5 million businesses use G Suite today. The service makes it possible for employees to participate in meetings wherever and whenever they are held, using Hangouts Meet. The applications are also available for use offline. Employees can view, edit and create documents and e-mails, as well as edit the calendar, without being connected to the internet – all content is synced automatically as soon as the device reconnects.

With G Suite employees have access to all documents at any time, and they no longer have to depend on taking their work PCs home with them. Everything is stored in the cloud. This makes working from home or on the train easier than ever.

In 2018 over 1 million new customers signed up to G Suite, and it’s easy to understand why. Would you like more information about G Suite, and want to know how we at The Cloud People can make your transition as smooth as possible? Get in touch! As a Google Partner we can assist you with implementation, migration and training, and can also tailor workshops to you and your business.

Download your survival guide for a smooth transition to Google Workspace

This guide will give you some insights that can help facilitate a smooth transition to new workplace productivity tools at all stages — with specifics on Google Workspace — from decision to preparation to deployment to upkeep. Read more about the guide here

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