Wash World

If our systems are down, our customers will not be able to wash the car


With Google Cloud Platform and help from The Cloud People, Wash World's digital platform is stable and always available.


Jakob Snedled, CTO at Wash World, says: “The Cloud People have given me greater security that our systems are always available.”


Wash World offers easy, innovative, and environmentally friendly car washing at the best prices on the market. The ambition is to be a leader in car washing in the Nordic market. The laundry halls are unmanned and fully automatic. With a subscription, the car wash is prepaid, and with automated license plate recognition, customers can drive straight into the car wash. All customer contact is digital. This means that the digital platform must be stable and always available.

Jakob Snedled, chief technology officer (CTO) at Wash World, emphasizes: “If our systems aren’t available, our customers will not be able to wash the car. Downtime is critical for a digital business like ours.”

Wash World opened its first car wash halls in Roskilde, Denmark, in 2013. The company expanded to Sweden in 2018 and came to Norway in 2020. Today, Wash World has over 200 washrooms in over 100 locations in the Nordics.

Google Cloud is the foundation for Wash World

Four years ago, Wash World moved its systems from its servers on-prem to the Google Cloud Platform. Due to scalability, flexibility, adaptability to the changing business needs, security, performance, and data analysis capabilities, the company has continued with Google as its technology platform. Practically all the company's systems run on Google's cloud platform.

Snedled continues: “All transactions at the wash halls are registered in Google Cloud, like which member washes where and when. In addition, the websites are hosted in Google as well as business applications for maintenance and monitoring of the washrooms. Google Cloud Platform is the foundation for our business.”

The Cloud People have helped set up Google Cloud Infrastructure with, among other things, networking and backup, with DevOps and Kubernetes resources, monitoring, implementation, and consulting.

Snedled says that Wash World developed its systems at the beginning, but as the business grew, there was a need for more expertise.

"We needed a partner who could validate the quality of the systems we had developed, increase stability and help us with further development and new solutions."

- Jakob Snedled, CTO Wash World


Sleeps tight at night

Google recommended Wash World The Cloud People, and the CTO says he was convinced after the first meeting.

Snedled adds: “We had good chemistry, and The Cloud People understood our business and challenges. Even more important was that The Cloud People understood that there were specific tasks we wanted to solve. We did not want to start an IT project.”

The CTO of Wash World says that with The Cloud People’s help, it has achieved higher performance and better stability on the Google Cloud Platform. At the same time, IT costs have decreased through better utilization and more correct licensing.

Snedled underlines: “The collaboration with The Cloud People has given me greater security. We always have access to resources with solid expertise.”

He also highlights the unique Smart Resourcing concept of The Cloud People. With Smart Resourcing, customers can find the right resources with the needed expertise via The Cloud People’s web. In the web portal, price, competence, and experience are visible. Smart Resourcing provides a whole new world of transparency around the purchase of consultants. Customers get the resources they need - easier, faster, and cheaper.

Wash World has had a permanent part-time consultant. In addition, the car wash group has utilized the resources and expertise available through Smart Resourcing.

Although Wash World's locations are unmanned, the company has over 50 employees, including service technicians, who ensure that the wash halls work and are clean. In addition, Wash World has a 24-hour help desk that provides telephone support if anything goes wrong. The company has a growth strategy and regularly opens new car washes. Currently, Wash World is expanding its operations to Germany. The Bensimon-Rossing family founded Wash World and are still the primary owners.