Why buy G Suite from a reseller?

Not only does G Suite simply the everyday life of the end user, the IT can benefit from making the move too. When transferring legacy email servers and IT resources to Google, IT staff can free up a lot of time that can be spent on other tasks.

Easy to use, easy to implement

For a small business, switching to Google’s productivity platform can go relatively fast – in just one day, your organization and users can get started with the apps. There are loads of information and tools available that explain how companies can make the move themselves quickly and efficiently.

But if it’s that easy, why can’t the IT staff implement this themselves? Why do you need a reseller and what benefits can such assistance provide you and your business?

Let’s take a closer look.

The advantages of using a G Suite reseller

A reseller can offer professional and local support

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing G Suite through a reseller is access to professional and personal support during migration. By using a reseller, you can also put away the entire job and have the reseller handle the shift for you. This is especially useful for small businesses with smaller IT departments. Migration requires resources, careful planning and that is time not all businesses have. A G Suite reseller can contribute experience with the process, relieving stress and workload on the internal IT staff. This will also provide the best conditions for success.

Local resellers have the ability to provide a level of support Google does not have the capacity for. On-site direct support that can help you migrate users, teach corporate employees how the new platform works, and provide ongoing support and training can be critical to a successful outcome. This will also prevent the company from making mistakes that could have been avoided.

Dealers can assist with training and support

You may not need external assistance to set up G Suite, but at some point maintenance and support needs may emerge. This is why most resellers offer support plans and training to make sure businesses are able to effectively utilize G Suite on a daily basis.

A reseller can relieve stress from the IT staff

Small businesses can benefit greatly from the simple set up of G Suite, but may not have a sufficiently large IT department available to plan and execute the software package change without disrupting the day-to-day operations of the business. A G Suite reseller with experience in migrating companies can make the shift with little disruption to normal business practices.

App setup and custom application development

Your business probably needs more programs than email and productivity tools like documents and spreadsheets. If you purchase G Suite through a reseller, the reseller can help you find other products and programs that integrate with the existing software you may have for accounting, billing, project management, etc. In addition, the consultant can help you build customised solutions and apps to meet specific needs and integrations of your company.

Read more about the solutions we offer here.

The subscription cost is the same

Yep, it is. Buying G Suite through a reseller will cost the exact same as buying directly from Google, and includes the same licence as well as basic support from Google. At The Cloud People we also offer services to migrate the company’s operations to G Suite, support, as well as seminars and training courses to a reasonable price. Contact us at sales@thecloudpeople.com for more information.