6 steps to a successful ServiceNow Washington DC upgrade

Are you planning your upgrade to the ServiceNow Washington DC release? Check out these following tips to secure a safe journey!

  1. Start where you are
    Understanding current architecture and customizations are crucial not only in addressing value that upgrade may bring to your organization but also it may help to assess potential impact. You may create a detailed inventory of features used within your organization. By understanding your starting point comprehensively, you lay a solid foundation for a successful and well-informed ServiceNow journey.

  2. Plan your journey
    Start by crafting a project plan that outlines the necessary steps and timelines, ensuring a systematic and efficient upgrade process.

  3. Pick the perfect travel companions
    Just as a traveler might need specific tools and supplies, your upgrade requires a strategic allocation of manpower, time, and expertise. Designate a skilled project team with a mix of technical experts, business analysts, and stakeholders who can collectively contribute to the upgrade process. Consider the time commitment required from each team member, aligning their roles with the project timeline.

  4. Navigate through new feature landscape 
    Just like exploring a new destination, discovering the features of the Washington DC version is a journey itself. Go through highlights to find new functionalities that may bring value or solve existing problems within your organization. If you have all products listed, carefully review features and changes by product or generate personalized review notes between your current version and newest release.

  5. Pack your (test)suitcase
    In the realm of software upgrades, the equivalent of your suitcase content is the creation of robust test scenarios. Treat these test scenarios as neatly folded suits, each tailored to validate specific functionalities to verify potential impact and ensure a smooth transition to the upgraded platform.

  6. Be prepare for unexpected
    No matter if you are an experienced globetrotter or this would be your first road trip you may come across various obstacles. Adopting this mindset ensures that your organization can navigate unforeseen obstacles with resilience and adaptability, turning unexpected challenges into valuable learning experiences on the path to a successful ServiceNow upgrade.

If you’re still not sure how your Washington DC upgrade should look like, please refer to the official ServiceNow documentation or contact The Cloud People. If you want to learn more about the features in the new release, check out our blogpost: Visiting Washington DC: Highlights of the newest ServiceNow Release

Have a safe journey to Washington DC!