A cloud-based solution for digitizing and automating workflows and processes across the entire business
– using one single platform.

Connect your workflows across the entire business with ServiceNow

ServiceNow has become one of the world-leading enterprise service management solutions and is utilized by more than 6.900 corporations worldwide

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is an end-to-end enterprise service management solution that is both intuitive and simple to implement and utilize. The cloud-based Now Platform® helps you drive every part of your digital transformation.

 With ServiceNow, you can create digital and automated workflows that optimize productivity, reduce costs, increase transparency and cooperation across your entire organization. Everything within one single platform.

ServiceNow has become one of the world-leading enterprise service management solutions and is utilized by more than 6.900 corporations worldwide

ServiceNow Workflows

ServiceNow supports most business functions  by offering continuously expandable ready-made applications—built on the Now Platform  and 3rd party solutions—to evolve with your specific business needs. Learn more about how you can support different areas of your business with different ServiceNow workflows and products. Read more about the different workflows below.

IT Workflows

ServiceNow offers various products to optimize and power your IT workflows.  Whether you are looking for a solution to handle IT Service Management, IT Operations, Risk, Security or other areas of IT, ServiceNow can support your processes. Read more about how ServiceNow can assist your IT processes and workflows.

Customer Workflows

Create unique and seamless customer experiences with ServiceNow Customer workflows. Empower your agents with data and overview so they can proactively anticipate your customer’s needs. Learn more about how ServiceNow enables you to systemize, prioritize and proactively utilize information about your customers.

Employee Workflows

Optimize your HR services with ServiceNow Employee workflows. With digital and automated HR processes, you can minimize routine inquiries and ensure fast and efficient processing of HR-related cases. Learn more about how you can support all your different Employee workflows with ServiceNow.

Creator Workflows

With ServiceNow you can easily build custom applications,  digital workflows and processes that solve your unique business problems. Read more about how you can empower your employees to create low-code applications with ServiceNow.

ServiceNow for each industry

Whether you work in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, energy, service, telecom - public of private companies or another industry – ServiceNow can support your workflows and business processes. At The Cloud People we have a team of Industry Experts who can help you design and build industry specific ServiceNow solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Learn more about who we have helped customers within various industries.

Increase ROI of your Pro License

How do you get the most out of your Pro License? At The Cloud People we can help you analyzing your data and give you clear guidance on how and where to begin the Pro implementation – and how to leverage the full potential of your investment.

ServiceNow at Bertel O. Steen

Bertel. O Steen – one of Norway's largest car dealers uses ServiceNow to keep track of all their cars - while they are on their way to customers. Learn more about how we have helped Bertel O. Steen leveraging the value from ServiceNow.

We have +350 certified ServiceNow Experts

The Cloud People is one of the leading global ServiceNow partners focused on delivering maximum value and great experience for customers across all industries. Our team of experts are based across Europe and Americas and with over 400 cert. we take pride in having one of the largest pool of certified ServiceNow experts ready to serve our customers. Our extensive and deep knowledge on the entire Now platform enables us to be a true ServiceNow lifecycle Partner to our customers, from Advisory services to best in class Application Managed Services. Learn more about how we work and how we can help you maximize your ROI from your ServiceNow investment. 

ServiceNow Elite Partner