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Build your own low-code apps with ServiceNow

What is Creator Workflows ?

ServiceNow Creator Workflows offers various products that enables you to build custom applications, digital workflows and processes that solve your unique business problems and needs. Learn more about the different products and how you can empower your employees to create low-code apps with ServiceNow.


Overview of ServiceNow Creator Workflow products

ServiceNow offers various products within Creator Workflows that makes it easy to design, build and integrate applications with ServiceNow. Learn more below.

App Engine

ServiceNow App Engine makes it easy to automate any business process, from simple to complex as a digital workflow across departments, systems, and people. App Engine utilizes natural language workflows, which makes it easy for both pro-code developers and low-code business analysts to create digital workflows, leveraging prebuilt components and building their own reusable components with FlowDesigner. Learn more about App Engine functionalities and capabilities

Automation Engine

ServiceNow Automation Engine enables you to automate and connect anything to ServiceNow and thereby reduce routine tasks. Automation Engine empowers ServiceNow platform owners to make work flow seamlessly across siloes by quickly and easily connecting to any system and automating routine, UI-centric work, all on a single platform. Automation Engine combines the value of Integration Hub with RPA Hub (Robotic Process Automation) and Document Intelligence for a complete automation solution. Learn more about Automation Engine functionalities and capabilities.

Integration Hub

Integration Hub makes it easy to connect to any modern API-enabled system to ServiceNow. Integration Hub comes with various spokes, templates and out-of-the-box-solutions and it is embedded into Flow Designer, Virtual Agent Designer and App Engine Studio. Learn more about Integration Hub functionalities and capabilities.

Manufacturing Connected Workforce

Manufacturing Connected Workforce is a ServiceNow product that can help you increase worker productivity by streamlining and digitizing standard operating procedures (SOPs) and enabling shared knowledge across the enterprise in one digital tool. Learn more about Manufacturing Connceted Workforce functionalities and capabilities.

App Engine - real-life-example

Would you like to know more about the benefits of ServiceNow App Engine? Watch this webinar recording and learn how App Engine makes it possible to:

  •  optimize your case management 
  • simplify the process overview and collaboration across different departments.
  • make a self-service portal that ensures efficient case management for various groups of employees and users.
  • simplify forms and handle documents, e-identification, management approvals, and signed agreements utilizing generally produced workflows.

Do you need help with application development?

Do you need help with application development or other creator services? At The Cloud People we can help you build custom applications that adresses your specific business challenge or needs. Our experts have experience with developing all kinds of applications for ServiceNow.