Employee Workflows

Increase employee collaboration and productivity 

Create unified digital experiences for your employees across the entire business with ServiceNow

What is Employee Workflows?

ServiceNow Employee Workflows provide a unified experience across IT, HR, Facilities, Legal, and more.  ServiceNow Employee Workflows consist of different products that makes it easy for your employees to navigate complex processes and get the information they need in their preferred channels.


Overview of ServiceNow Employee Workflow products

ServiceNow offers different products to support various Employee Workflows and experiences. Learn more about each product below.

HR Service Delivery

HR Service Delivery provides an enhanced employee experience. With a unified destination ServiceNow® Employee Center, you can provide a single unified portal for multi-department service delivery. This enables you to easily scale your service solutions across HR, IT, Workplace Services, and Legal and help your employees find information, get help, and request the services they need. Learn more about the capabilities of HR Service Delivery below.

Workplace Service Delivery

As an extension of the Employee Workflows portfolio, ServiceNow® Workplace Service Delivery (WSD) was designed to deliver seamless digital experiences, enabling workplace insights for strategic decisions and great experiences for employees. With the power of WSD, provide an omni-channel experience to create any workplace reservation, register visitors, navigate the workplace, submit service requests, and optimize the use of space. Learn more about the capabilities of ServiceNow  Workplace Service Delivery below.

Legal Service Delivery

Gain the full value of the ServiceNow® platform with a fully integrated Legal Service Delivery Solution. ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery replaces the manual email and spreadsheet processes of yesterday, with a high-velocity digital experience. Track all legal requests with self-service experiences. Automate responses for common legal requests with virtual agents and easily configure matter templates to match your most common legal procedures and policies. Learn more about the capabilities of ServiceNow  Legal Service Delivery below.

Procurement Service Management

Procurement Service Management is a powerful solution that automates and simplifies end-to-end processes for more seamless purchasing and case management across work teams, allowing procurement to focus more on strategic priorities. Built on the Now Platform, Procurement Service Management integrates seamlessly with existing ERP and procurement technologies to deliver faster time-to-value, while streamlining fulfillment and reducing the potential for errors or delays. Learn more about the capabilities of ServiceNow  Procurement Service Management below.

Why use ServiceNow for HR Services?

In a traditional organization, the HR team spends 60% of its time on routine transactional tasks, such as preparing contracts, onboarding and offboarding...

Manage all you HR processes

ServiceNow makes it easy to manage and deliver your various HR services and processes and can easily be integrated with other human capital systems and solutions. ServiceNow supports your:

  • Onboarding process
  • Offboarding process
  • Change of job function
  • Change of information
  • Leave of absence
  • Case Management 
  • Knowledge Management 
In a traditional organization, the HR team spends 60% of its time on routine transactional tasks, such as preparing contracts, onboarding and offboarding...

From Service Portal(s) to Employee Center

How do you successfully transition from Service Portal(s) to Employee center without disrupting the user experience? At The Cloud People we have developed an implementation approach that leverage cognitive UI/UX prototyping and design. This ensures a well-designed and functional portal which meets the needs of the customer’s employees and increases their user experience. Do you need help transition to Employee Center - don't hesitate to contact us and learn more.

Do you need help with ServiceNow?

Are you looking for a partner who can help you build great digital employee experiences with ServiceNow? At the Cloud People we have more than 350 certified ServiceNow experts, who can help you build great ServiceNow solutions that matches your specific needs. We have experience within all areas of ServiceNow and we help some of the largest public and private companies across Northern Europe. Learn more about our different services.

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