The Cloud People’s vision is to be a leading provider of services for the most innovative cloud-based platforms. We have the industry’s best experts, distinctive operating methods and tools, and a passion for helping clients to succeed.

The Cloud People is a certified ServiceNow and Google Cloud Platform Partner, and authorized Google Workspace (earlier G Suite) Reseller. We help and guide organizations transform their business to the cloud and gain and utilize the competitive advantages from one of the best cloud platform solutions on the market today.

Our team of project managers, designers, developers, Cloud Architects and data engineers build affordable custom applications and integrations. We’ve delivered a large number of successful projects for medium and large-scale customers in Northern Europe, within telecommunication, banking, finance, energy, et al.

At The Cloud People we focus on the two leading cloud platforms, to ensure that we can offer our customers the best competence available. We want to understand your business so we can help you find the best solutions and the services you need to grow and increase productivity in your organisation.

Our team

Portrait of Bjørn Jarl.
Bjørn Jarl Chairman of the Board
Tord Ripe
Tord Ripe Managing Partner & Advisor
Marcin Bielak
Marcin Bielak Managing Partner & Advisor
Nora Ottesen Rinnan
Nora Ottesen Rinnan Managing Partner, Marketing & HR
Emilie Lewander Johannesen - The Cloud People
Emilie Lewander Johannesen Resource Manager
IMG-0650 (1)
Marianne Hisdal Capability Manager
Magnus Lystad
Magnus Lystad Account Manager
Therese Rummelhoff Ruud
Therese Rummelhoff Ruud Finance Manager & Office Administrator
Inge Russenes
Inge Russenes Principal Solution Consultant
Vegard Porsedal
Vegard Porsedal Principal Solution Consultant
Fani Abatzi
Fani Abatzi IT and Operations Consultant
Heidi Anita Foss
Heidi Anita Foss Solution Consultant
Nicolai Skogheim
Nicolai Skogheim Solution Consultant
Sondre Pedersen
Sondre Pedersen Solution Consultant
Gareth Alwyn Rowlands
Gareth Alwyn Rowlands Solution Consultant
Jaan Klouman-The Cloud People
Jaan Klouman Senior Solution Consultant
Kjell Ringstrand
Kjell Ringstrand Solution Consultant
Nicolai Solem
Nicolai Solem Solution Consultant
Aga Hemen Hussein Technical Consultant
Garima ansattbilde 1075x768
Garima Srivastava Senior Solution Consultant
Emma Bonnerud_SH
Emma Bonnerud
Karolina Lukhtan Finance Administrator
Mikko Pääkkönen
Mikko Pääkkönen Managing Partner & Advisor
Marko Mikkola
Marko Mikkola Managing Partner & Advisor
Hannes Hirvikallio-The Cloud People
Hannes Hirvikallio Managing Partner, Alliances
Jari Eskelinen
Jari Eskelinen Senior Solution Consultant
Jussi Valkonen
Jussi Valkonen Senior Solution Consultant
Kalevi Koskinen
Kalevi Koskinen Solution Consultant
Mikko Kapulainen
Mikko Kapulainen Senior Solution Consultant
Samuli Rantala
Samuli Rantala Senior Technical Consultant
Laura Sjamsi
Laura Sjamsi Junior Consultant
Petri Panttila
Petri Panttila Senior Solution Consultant
Jani Luostarinen
Jani Luostarinen Solution Consultant
Johanna Röytiö
Johanna Röytiö Sales Executive
Osmo Maksimainen
Osmo Maksimainen Senior Solution Consultant
Joonas Greus-The Cloud People
Joonas Greus Senior Solution Consultant
Sonja Repo-The Cloud People
Sonja Repo Solution Consultant
Antii Malila
Antii Malila Senior Solution Consultant
Tapio Silvera
Tapio Silvera Senior Solution Consultant
Marcin Majcherkiewicz
Marcin Majcherkiewicz Managing Partner & Advisor
Katarzyna Pawlowska-Szczech
Katarzyna Pawlowska-Szczech Finance Consultant
Bartosz Kubacki
Bartosz Kubacki Technical Consultant
Michal Janocha
Michal Janocha Technical Consultant
Tomasz Kaczmarczyk
Tomasz Kaczmarczyk Senior Technical Consultant
Andrii Pryimak
Andrii Pryimak Solution Consultant
Bogdan Kostka
Bogdan Kostka Senior Technical Consultant
Mateusz Furtak
Mateusz Furtak Junior Technical Consultant
Michał Brzeziński
Michał Brzeziński Junior Technical Consultant
Milosz Kucmierz -The Cloud People
Milosz Kucmierz Solution Consultant
Norbert Bokwa
Norbert Bokwa Senior Technical Consultant
Patryk Misiaszek
Patryk Misiaszek Technical Consultant
Michał Jaśpiński
Michał Jaśpiński Technical Consultant
Maciej Turski
Maciej Turski Technical Consultant
Cezary Mażarski
Cezary Mażarski Technical Consultant
Grzegorz Turzański
Grzegorz Turzański Technical Consultant
Jeremi Pijanowski
Jeremi Pijanowski Technical Consultant
Jarosław Gendek
Jarosław Gendek Technical Consultant
Jakub Tomaszewski
Jakub Tomaszewski Technical Consultant
Maciej Małek
Maciej Małek Technical Consultant
TCP zdjecie 1075x768
Łukasz Smolik Technical Consultant
Marcin Pietrzak-The Cloud People
Marcin Pietrzak Technical Consultant
Łukasz Bednarowski
Łukasz Bednarowski Technical Consultant
Marcin Frąc - The Cloud People
Marcin Frąc Technical Consultant
Adam Kaczorowski
Adam Kaczorowski Technical Consultant
Mateusz Wójciak - The Cloud People
Mateusz Wójciak Technical Consultant
Bartosz Kućmierz - The Cloud People
Bartosz Kućmierz Technical Consultant
Wawrzyniec Poreda
Wawrzyniec Poreda Technical Consultant
Aleksandra Gunerka
Aleksandra Gunerka Technical Consultant
The Cloud People - Tomasz Pawelczyk
Tomasz Pawelczyk Technical Consultant
The Cloud People - Natalia Stasińska
Natalia Stasińska Technical Consultant
Jakub Górecki_SH
Jakub Górecki Technical Consultant
The Cloud People - Wojciech Kapica
Wojciech Kapica Technical Consultant
The Cloud People - Reza Shahidi
Reza Shahidi Managing Partner & Sr. Solution Consultant
The Cloud People - Jerker Lund
Jerker Lund Senior Account Manager
The Cloud People - Jimmie Odelius
Jimmie Odelius Solution Consultant
Daniel Fernandes Solution Consultant
The Cloud People - Karolina Thorsen
Karolina Thorsén Junior Technical Consultant
The Cloud People - Fredrik Jacobsson
Fredrik Jacobsson Managing Partner & Advisor
The Cloud People - Dan Berglin
Dan Berglin Solution Consultant
The Cloud People - Niklas Östling
Niklas Östling Solution Consultant
The Cloud People - David Almqvist
David Almqvist Solution Consultant
The Cloud People - Dag Rydell
Dag Rydell Solution Consultant
The Cloud People - David Gustafsson
David Gustafsson Solution Consultant
The Cloud People -Jacob Unander-Scharin
Jacob Unander-Scharin Solution Consultant
The Cloud People - Per Schön
Per Schön Solution Consultant
The Cloud People - Manfred Stål
Manfred Stål Solution Consultant
The Cloud People - Oscar Hjelmer
Oscar Hjelmer Solution Consultant
The Cloud People - Ali Omidbakhsh
Ali Omidbakhsh Account Manager
Tarik Hadzovic_SH
Tarik Hadzovic Senior Solution Consultant


The Cloud People, formerly known as Symfoni Next, has years of experience developing software, implementing and delivering services in Europe. TJ Group and Symfoni Software was acquired in 2004, and we built a strong IBM Software partner in the Nordics over the following five years. The company expanded from 10 to 120 employees and had a revenue growth from €1,5 to €15 million by 2016.

We established the largest ServiceNow partner in EMEIA from 2011 to 2016, having acquired the HP Service partner Rubik Solutions in 2011. The company was restructured and the customers converted to ServiceNow. This part was sold to Fujitsu in mid 2016.

Symfoni Next sold out the Nordic collaboration business outside Norway in 2016, and started focusing on Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace.

On our way to further develop the company, Symfoni Next changed its name to The Cloud People in December 2019. We expanded our proposition and developed a new business model based on transparency, predictability and simplicity as reflected in the new company name.

The Cloud People delivers Smart Resourcing on ServiceNow and Google Cloud Platform. In addition, we deliver everything from basic cloud hosting to custom development projects on desktop and mobile devices.


The Cloud People + WomenFuture

WomenFuture runs an annual nomination of Woman of the Year in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

The Cloud People is a proud partner, supporter and contributor, and we have been involved in the making and branding of WomenFuture. The company has contributed and run different activities where all collected funds were donated to project “Lilian” and the building of a henhouse farm on Zanzibar for local egg production. The henhouse is the first of many that is planned to be built, and will help more women to a better life by providing them with a way to earn a living.

The Cloud People will continue to contribute to the project and WomenFuture in the future.

Read more about WomenFuture, project "Lilian" and the prize Women of the Year

Hilmar and Inge taking a break with some fussball in the office.
Hilmar and Inge taking a break with some fussball in the office.