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We focus on the two leading cloud platforms

At The Cloud People, we focus on the two leading cloud-based platforms, to ensure that we can provide our customers the best competence available. Learn more about the benefits of ServiceNow and Google Cloud.

ServiceNow is an end-to-end enterprise service management solution that is both intuitive and simple to implement and utilize. ServiceNow supports most business functions and offers many functionalities and ready-made applications. You can continuously expand with more applications and functionality as your business grows and changes over time. ServiceNow has become one of the world-leading enterprise service management solutions and is utilized by more than 6.900 corporations worldwide. 

At The Cloud People we develop and run your applications using the same technology and tools as Google, with the same level of security and stability. If you just want to reduce your hosting costs and simplify your IT strategy, or are considering custom applications, our teams of certified professionals will guide you towards the best solutions for your organization.

Are you looking for ServiceNow or Google Cloud experts?

Get the right skill for the job

At The Cloud People we have more than 230 talented consultants working exclusively with ServiceNow and Google Cloud. We provide various solutions and services for companies working within all industries. The Cloud People is located across Northern Europe and the US and we have 11 local offices in 7 different countries, which means we are always close to our customers.

At The Cloud People we work as a team across borders and our Smart Resourcing concept ensures our customers have full access to everything they need. With Smart Resourcing, you can find teams of certified professionals who will guide you towards the best solutions for your business. Search, find and book the specific resource or a team you need in our self-service portal: Cloudia.