Value Accelerators

Kickstart you ServiceNow journey with our Value Accelerators

Are you looking for a fast way to implement standard ServiceNow functionality with necessary capabilities, and kick-start your digital transformation? With our Value Accelerators you avoid blank paper, long-lasting implementation projects and hidden costs.

What is a Value Accelerator?

At The Cloud People we offer different Value Accelerators, which are different packages containing out-of-the-box ServiceNow functionalities, enriched with a standardized implementation approach and a pre-defined set of “good practice” processes. Our Value Accelerators are developed based on more than 500 customer engagement and delivery of service management solutions across Europe. By utilizing our Value Accelerators, you gain a smooth implementation, increased transparency, and no unpleasant surprises. Learn more about our different Value Accelerators below.  

ServiceNow Pro & Enterprise Assessment

The ITSM Pro offering allows you to continuously improve you ITSM processes. By utilizing a set of integrated capabilities (including Virtual Agent, Predictive Intelligence and Performance Analytics), ITSM Pro helps you raise your automation, deflection, and self-service levels to reduce costs and increase the quality of your services. The ITSM Pro data assessment looks at your data to identify how the ITSM Pro capabilities can help you improve process automation and efficiency levels

CSM Fast Track

The CSM Value Accelerator contains following capabilities with associated work packages to fulfil and support your basic customer service needs. Each package is based on the “good practice” and out of the box functionality in ServiceNow, that is sufficient to establish core CSM capability and kick-start your customer journey in ServiceNow CSM. 

Employee Center ABC

The Cloud People has developed an implementation procedure based on best practices for an effective implementation/migration to the Employee Center. This approach ensures good in-depth understanding of customer's user base, their behavior on the portal and typical needs. Execution of the procedure gives a guarantee for a well-designed and functional portal which meets the needs of the customer's employees and increases their user experience.

CMDB Health Dashboard

A healthy, high-quality CMDB is a key goal for many organizations, due to its potential to save IT costs and avoid unplanned service outages. To provide your stakeholders clear visibility into the overall healthiness level of your CMDB, The Cloud People have designed a set of advanced CMDB Health Dashboards. The dashboards enable you to continuously monitor and improve your CMDB performance and to identify and act on CMDB issues in a proactive way. This allows you to improve your CMDB usability, mitigate risks, raise the overall level of your services, and improve customer satisfaction rates.

Performance Analytics

The Cloud People Enterprise Framework for Performance Analytics answers all the critical questions asked about implementing Performance Analytics, while minimizing risks.  The Cloud People Dashboards for the main ITSM processes have a 3-layer architecture that ensures a complete view across the IT organization of the impact it’s having on the business. It integrates all the elements of reporting and KPI’s to provide a holistic view to all participants of the impact they have on the business.

Virtual Agent

The ServiceNow chatbot solution, Virtual Agent, comes with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology to drive down costs and improve the end user experience. The Cloud People’s quick start approach is all about rapidly enabling Virtual Agent call- and request handling, by integrating AI & ML technology in a clean and efficient way. Strictly focusing on end user adoption from start to finish, we help you quickly improve your automation, scaling and customer satisfaction levels.

Customer case

Annually, Bertel O. Steen sells over 70,000 cars. The Cloud People have helped designing and implementing a ServiceNow solution that makes the job of car logistics significantly easier. Now Bertel O. Steen has full control when more than 70,000 cars are being prepared and delivered to their customers.