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What is Customer Workflows?

ServiceNow Customer Workflows encompasses various products and solutions to create digital and automated customer experiences across your entire business. Each product have various capabilities and 'out-of-the-box' functionality, that can be tailored and configured to your specific needs.  


Overview of ServiceNow Customer workflow products

ServiceNow supports most areas within customer service. Learn more about the different products within ServiceNow Customer Workflows below.

Customer Service Management

ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) is a solution for customer service and service operations units that helps organizations to move from traditional means of delivering customer service by expanding its manual capabilities with self-service, automation and collaborative end-to-end customer service experience. CSM in ServiceNow helps increase agents' productivity, resolve issues quickly,  improve service teams’ collaboration, increasing service efficiency as well as customer satisfaction

Field Service Management

Field Service Management is the coordination of field service operations, where authorized technicians perform essential tasks at specific locations. Field Service Management tasks include scheduling, dispatching, labour tracking and invoicing. ServiceNow Field Service Management helps to streamline and automate key processes associated with work in the field – organize essential documentation, track inventory, manage timesheets, and collect customer approvals easily on mobile.

Financial Service Operations

ServiceNow Financial Service Operations is targeted towards the banking, insurance and wealth management industry. With ServiceNow FSO you can connect your entire financial institution with one platform. FOS allows everyone to operate on the same page at the same time with the same information - providing customers with a much better and coherent experience.

Telecom Service Management

ServiceNow Telecommunications Service Management helps improv your telecom service and operations by connecting the customer and the network on one native cloud platform. With real-time visibility and end-to-end service assurance, CSPs provides employees with insights to take proactive actions and deliver better customer experiences. CSPs leverage Telecommunications Service Management to digitize processes, enhance customer care, and improve workforce productivity, while reducing the cost to serve

Order Management

ServiceNow® Order Management allows companies to manage orders more effectively across the full order lifecycle, from order capture, to order decomposition and fulfillment, to post-order servicing, all on a single platform. Get complete visibility into order line details and tasks across the order lifecycle. Create and automate order tasks with workflows to reduce fulfillment time, meet SLAs, and lower costs. Enable customers to track order status and details and create cases when they need help.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare and Life Sciences Service Management is a digital health platform that enables healthcare providers, payers, and life science companies to meet the challenges of global disruption in healthcare. Some of the key capabilities are; VaccineAdministration Management, Pre-Visit Management, Patient Support Services, Patient360 and HL7FHIR data standard. 

Where and how do I start with ServiceNow Customer Workflows?

At The Cloud People we offer our CSM Value Accelerator, which is our pre-defined implementation package based on TCP “best practices” and OOTB CSM functionalities to help you get the most out of your CSM investments and accelerate time-to-value. 

  • Are you looking to kick-start your digital customer service journey in ServiceNow?
  • Would you like to start out with standardized ‘good practice’ functionality?
  • And is it important for you to know the price for the implementation and avoid any surprises? 

If yes - then check out our CSM Value Accelerator pacakage and let us help you speed up your CSM deployment and increase ROI.

Why choose ServiceNow for CSM?

Companies recognized that investing in a cloud-based CSM platform is one of the most significant and strategic ways to stand out in a competitive marketplace!

User-friendly and customizable

By utilizing ServiceNow for your Customer Service Management  it is easy to connect front and middel office. This ensure your employees to proactively address customer issues faster and enable high customer satisfaction.  ServiceNow offers a user-friendly and customizable Customer Portal with various functions and capabilities:

  • Provide your customers with personalized self-service
  • Create intuitive omni-channel experiences
  • Anticipate your customer’s needs
  • Automate processes and workflows
  • Analyze performance to optimize operations
  • Manage and schedule location-based services
  • Community / discussion forums
Companies recognized that investing in a cloud-based CSM platform is one of the most significant and strategic ways to stand out in a competitive marketplace!

How does ServiceNow CSM provide better customer experiences?

Would you like to take a closer look at some of the functionalities within ServiceNow and get a better understanding of how it works?

In this webinar recording Christian and Mikkel dive into ServiceNow Customer Service Management and demonstrate how you can easily create better service experiences for your customers across various touchpoints.

Do you have a CSM Pro License?

Do you know how to leverage the full potential of your CSM Pro License?  At The Cloud People we can help you analyzing your data and give you clear guidance on how to leverage the full potential of your investment. Learn more about our Pro and Enterprise Value Accelerator 

Do you need help with transforming your customer services?

Are you looking for a partner who can help you build great ServiceNow customer experience solutions? At the Cloud People we have more than 350 certified ServiceNow experts, who can help you move forward with ServiceNow. We have expertise within all areas of ServiceNow and we help some of the largest private and public companies across Northern Europe. Learn more about our different services and how we can help you with ServiceNow.

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