Why you should select a ServiceNow Elite Partner

Finding the right talent to support your investment in ServiceNow solutions could be a struggle. Since the platform is growing faster than the number of experts, it's more important than ever to look at partner certifications and status.


So, you decided to go with ServiceNow, the world's fastest-growing enterprise cloud software company? Congratulations on a wise decision. We love ServiceNow and the endless possibilities it gives for digital transformation of all sorts of processes within IT, HR, customer service, and more. With the Now platform, we can revolutionize how work gets done!

But there is a flip side of the coin; we'll just admit it: Since all enterprises re-invent themselves with new or digitally transformed processes, there is a big gap between skilled IT resources and corporate demand. This also goes for ServiceNow. The platform has become tremendously popular, and companies relying on ServiceNow might have difficulty finding the right people or team with the right skills for their projects.

In a desperate situation, you could easily end up with the wrong person for the job, for too high a price.

ServiceNow segments their partners

We recommend that you look at the partner certifications as part of your selection process. The strict criteria that ServiceNow enforces in their partner ecosystem are your guarantee that the partner has a specific skill set. 

ServiceNow has a 'partner finder' on their website. You can search for partners in your geographic region and sort them by partner type and competence within ServiceNow's 9 product lines or ten industries. 

Currently, you will find 205 European partners. From this list, 35 are Elite partners, and six of those are servicing globally and therefore hold a Global Elite partner accreditation. It’s worth noticing though, that they might not have local services in your country.

As our goal is to be the leading ServiceNow partner in Northern Europe, we won't get the 'Global Elite' certification, but we're in good company with our Elite accreditation. And you'll understand why we're proud of it as you continue to read this blog article. 

What is a ServiceNow Elite partner?

ServiceNow has a rigorous set of Elite Partner certification requirements. To be an Elite partner, you must demonstrate the depth of ServiceNow certified experts, diversity of implementation experience, a history of several large successful enterprise-scale implementations, and exceptional customer satisfaction scores.

When we got our Elite Partner certification, we had 344 ServiceNow certifications among our 150 consultants, making us the best certified ServiceNow Partner in the Nordic region.

On each partner's page in the ServiceNow partner directory, you can go in for yourself and see which certifications each partner holds within the various areas. Such as Customer Service Management, Governance, HR Service Delivery, IT Operations Management, IT Service Management, and more. For instance, you can watch our page here: https://www.servicenow.com/partners/partner-finder/the-cloud-people-as

A new world of transparency

We very much welcome this sort of transparency. Customers should expect this kind of openness when buying all types of IT services. 

But after finding the company with the correct certifications, how do you find the best person or team? It doesn't help much if those experts sit in Japan and you want them in your office on Monday morning.

That's the problem we decided to solve with our Smart Resourcing proposition. Our customers can log in to our self-service talent portal Cloudia, find and even book the ServiceNow resources or team they need. They can see who has which certifications and even check prices and availability. Smart Resourcing opens the doors to a new world of transparency. 

So, to sum it up, make sure you get the right company AND team for the job. Selecting an Elite partner is no guarantee, but it does mean that the partner has passed a rigorous set of Elite Partner certification requirements, which is a good thing. 

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