OK a.m.b.a. increases customer satisfaction with ServiceNow


The largest gas station network in Denmark 

O.K. a.m.b.a. is a Danish energy company with more than 2500 employees. The company has the largest gas station network in Denmark and operates within various other areas, such as car wash, e-mobility and more.

The technical support center in OK a.m.b.a. is responsible for the operational and technical monitoring of:

  • 672 gas stations
  • 270 car washes
  • OK’s charging points for electric cars both private, public, and professional, that currently counts more than 17.000 charging points.

The support center ensures all the technical facilities and operational requirements, such as payment systems, internet connections, electricity, surveillance cameras, vacuum cleaners etc. work properly and customers can always utilize these facilities. Besides, the support center is also responsible for coordinating with internal and external partners and providing customer support from 8-10pm 7 days a week and has a 24/7/365 call system for support and emergencies.

Difficult to prioritize customer inquiries

The ambition and goals are to ensure a smooth experience for customers by minimizing any sort of technical service disruption and thereby increase customer satisfaction. However, the old set-up in the organization made it challenging for the employees to support this ambition. The operational monitoring in OK a.m.b.a. relied heavily on manual processes. Customer inquiries were handled by mail or phone with a ticket number, and the support center only had limited access to live data from their various facilities and service stations. This made it difficult for employees to prioritize the most urgent cases and identify connections between inquiries and operational issues, due to limited amount of live data and limited internal knowledge sharing.

A tailor-made ServiceNow solution

To make these processes more efficient and transparent, the support center decided to implement ServiceNow CSM to support their business. To ensure the best possible solution from both a technical and a business perspective, OK a.m.b.a. reached out to The Cloud People for advice and support. A close collaboration between a team of consultants from TCP and the management and employees from OK a.m.b.a., ensured a tailor-made CSM solution that helps solve and automate the specific tasks in OK a.m.b.a, which makes it much easier for employees to minimize technical service disruption and ensure high customer satisfaction.

The benefits OK a.m.b.a.

The new ServiceNow CSM solution enables the technical support center to:

  • Have an overview of the entire operation from shared dashboards – which makes it easy to make status reports and see how and where to prioritize and allocate time and resources.
  • Allocate the right competencies to handle customer cases – both internally and externally.
  • Get a history on each customer case – which makes it easier to provide the correct support and service.
  • Easily share knowledge internally – which makes it easy to solve customer inquiries fast and efficiently.

Future optimization as new needs arise

Today, the employees in OK a.m.b.a.’s technical support center are very positive toward the new CSM solution, and they see it as a great way to improve their work and service level towards the customers. In the future the aim is to continuously optimize processes and add features and functions, as different needs arise, and the employees get more used to the new ways of working.