A faster, smarter path to the cloud

Public cloud is quickly becoming a dominant force in enterprise IT, but migration remains a challenge for many businesses. In fact, nearly two-thirds of migration projects prove very difficult or fail entirely, while more than half go over budget, according to Dimensional Research.

Make your journey to the cloud successful and cost effective with guidance from Google Cloud’s ebook. It includes:

  • Critical considerations for a seamless migration
  • Questions to help you understand your existing environment
  • Tips for maximizing the ROI of your move
  • Examples of successful migrations from companies like Twitter, Evernote, and Etsy


Get the guide:

Download the ebook to find out more. When you're ready to plan your migration, we are here to help.

You’ll also learn about Google Cloud’s purpose-built, enterprise-grade migration solution. It gets workloads up and running in the cloud within minutes, while minimizing risk, eliminating manual labor, and cutting costs. With this end-to-end approach, businesses reach the finish line up to 10x faster, regardless of their application landscape.