- AI takes ServiceNow to new heights

The Nordic ServiceNow market is booming, reports the Financial Daily (Finansavisen). The financial newspaper has interviewed a handful of the top growing professional services providers, including our own CEO, Bjørn Jarl.


The Financial Daily writes about how ServiceNow impressed the market with 26% revenue growth in Q4 and is well positioned for AI-driven growth, since it has integrated AI capabilities in its core product offerings.


– There has been a tremendous increase in interest for AI, and we see that the companies that has thought about how AI can be part of their products early, gain huge, says Bjørn Jarl, CEO in The Cloud People.


Jarl claims that simplicity and cost effectiveness are two of the major drivers for ServiceNow in the market. 

– Solutions built on ServiceNow requires fewerresources to implement than many competing products, and when the clients see how resource-effiicient they are, the interest grows.


Read the full story in Finansavisen here