The German ServiceNow Elite Partner nuvolax group joins The Cloud People Group

The Cloud People Group, a leading provider of innovative ServiceNow solutions, is pleased to announce that the nuvolax group, a market-leading ServiceNow Elite Partner, is joining The Cloud People from August 1st. This merger marks a significant milestone in the ServiceNow partner landscape, creating a powerful pure-play Elite partner with an extensive global reach.


Bjorn Jarl, CEO of The Cloud People, starts: “When we founded The Cloud People in 2020, our first milestone was to become the leading ServiceNow partner in the Nordic countries. Our second goal was to expand our unique business model to the largest ServiceNow markets.” 

Jarl, also the founder of The Cloud People, continues: “When we now join forces with nuvolax group, the leading, stand-alone ServiceNow partner in Germany, we are making a giant leap towards fulfilling our ambitious goal. For nuvolax group’s and The Cloud People’s customers, our combined services offering will be expanded in capacity and specialization competence on the different parts of the ServiceNow platform. We will grow our pool of skilled, certified ServiceNow resources with more than 100 consultants, covering Europe and Americas with a full service proposition on the ServiceNow platform.” 

The merger brings together over 350 highly skilled ServiceNow consultants from both organizations, dedicated to serving customers across Europe and Americas. The combined expertise of nuvolax group and The Cloud People will bolster their position as a dominant force in the ServiceNow ecosystem, enhancing their capabilities to cover the full ServiceNow platform in areas like ITSM (IT Service Management), ITOM (IT Operation Management), ITAM (IT Asset Management), SECOPS (Security Operations), IRM (Integrated Risk Management), HR (Human resources), and CSM (Customer Service Management). 

Towards of the largest ServiceNow pure-play partners globally

Markus Müller, CEO of nuvolax group, states: "Our decision to join forces with The Cloud People was driven by our shared vision for the future and alignment in delivering exceptional value to our customers. We believe in their modern business model and go-to-market strategy.”

"Together, we solidify our position as one of the largest ServiceNow pure-play partners globally, empowering us to provide even more comprehensive and specialized services to our clients."


Bjørn Jarl adds: "The Cloud People has always been committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with ServiceNow, and this merger reinforces our dedication to our customers' success. By combining our platform expertise with nuvolax group's vertical experience, we now have a substantial position in two of the larger markets, Germany and the Americas.”

Since the start, The Cloud People has been growing to a revenue of €25 million (2022). After the merger, TCP is positioning itself for further growth and targeting a revenue close to €40 million in 2023 and an ambitious goal of €100 million by 2025.

Solid presence in all major ServiceNow markets

As a result of the merger, The Cloud People Group now has a presence in all major ServiceNow markets across Europe, including Germany, the United Kingdom, Be-Ne-Lux, Portugal and Italy, in addition to its original presence in the Nordic countries. The company has further solidified its reach in the Americas and has established larger delivery centers in Poland and Brazil.

Seb Fitzjohn, VP Alliances & Channel Ecosystem at ServiceNow, underlines: “This merger is a great example of the vibrancy and energy within the ServiceNow ecosystem. We continue to see enormous growth opportunities in Germany and across Europe, and partners are central to our scale strategy.”

“The Cloud People and nuvolax group coming together is a fantastic match as it strengthens our ecosystem and benefits our joint customers by providing the skills, expertise, and innovation to accelerate their digital transformation and time to value on the ServiceNow platform."


The Cloud People Group is poised to revolutionize the ServiceNow landscape with its unique business model, which includes the Smart Resourcing concept. This innovative approach provides clients with transparent access to consultants and specialists at a competitive price, surpassing anything previously seen in the industry. Smart Resourcing boasts highly skilled local consultants, bolstered by available resources from delivery centers in Poland and Brazil. 

With a strengthened market presence and expanded capabilities, the company is primed to deliver unmatched value and results to its clients worldwide.