Partnership announcement – whyaye!

We are happy to announce that we have partnered up with the UK based company whyaye!.

Whyaye! is, like The Cloud People, a ServiceNow partner, with an experienced team of specialists onboard. Also founded in 2019, we both strive to be something more than a traditional consultant house. We pride ourselves on transparency and securing the best possible outcome for clients while having a little fun along the way!

«With our intention to be a dominating partner as a service provider on the ServiceNow Platform in Northern Europe, whyaye! is a strategic partnership for us,» says Bjørn Jarl, Group CEO and Chairman of the Board of The Cloud People.

«As we see it, whyaye! is the best qualified ServiceNow partner in the UK. Their knowledge within the Bank and Finance industry, and their experience and skills on the ServiceNow platform makes them unique. Partnering up with a company like whyaye! is the strategic choice to be able to cover the geographical areas, as well as the total ServiceNow platform, both horizontally and vertically,» Bjørn Jarl continues.

Whyaye! is a ServiceNow consultancy firm based in Newcastle, England. Their client list includes Danske Bank, Telefonica and The Royal Bank of Scotland. The Cloud People has entered into a strategic agreement with whyaye! which involves the exchange of consultants through the Cloudia platform.

«Forming a partnership with The Cloud People was an easy decision. Both organisations strive to deliver customer focused, top quality services that truly add value, and for a reasonable price. I am hugely energised to work and partner with a like-minded organisation and look forward to putting the “yay” in other companies days together,» Joshua Broad at whyaye! says.

About whyaye!

Whyaye! was founded in 2019 by three women keen to work with like-minded individuals and clients to make change happen in a transparent, positive, and outcome-focused way.
We believe that people spend too much time at work not to enjoy what they do, so we strive to put the ‘Yay’ in every day.
We have grown pretty quickly over the past 18 months and are now over 30 people strong and continue to attract people who share the whyaye! outlook on ways of working.
Our whyayers have skills and specialist experience across many areas, including technology change, people change and Operational Resilience. We are not big fans of hierarchy, and so we operate a networked member orientated business, or a networked Mob as we like to call it. This makes sure we can access the skills/experience needed to support our work with our clients where needed.