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Customer Service with ServiceNow


What is Customer Service Management?

ServiceNow Customer Service Management is a cloud solution that offers tools and applications to integrate all the workflows in your customer service operation for optimally overseeing and tracking all interactions with your customers.

Customer Service Management includes powerful platform capabilities that primarily focus on connecting departments, workflows, and systems to proactively resolve customer issues and accelerate your digital transformation.

Create seamless customer experiences with ServiceNow CSM

ServiceNow Customer Experience

ServiceNow's Customer Service application offers a user-friendly and customizable service portal with various functions and capabilities:

  • Provide your customers with personalized self-service
  • Create intuitive omni-channel experiences
  • Anticipate your customer’s needs
  • Automate processes and workflows
  • Analyze performance to optimize operations
  • Manage and schedule location-based services
  • Community / discussion forums

The service portal works as a "Single Point of Contact" and can facilitate all the customer's needs for contact, orders, insight, collaboration, warning, status overview, self-service, reporting, etc.

Create seamless customer experiences with ServiceNow CSM

Omni-channel capabilities

With omni-channel capabilities in ServiceNow Customer Service Management, you can support your customers across multiple channels and get a consolidated view into all interactions regardless of medium. Resolve issues, provide support, and exceed customer expectations through:

  • messaging
  • web
  • chat
  • autopilot
  • email
  • phone
  • social media
  • walk-up experience 

Customer Service with ServiceNow

ServiceNow Customer Service Management is the ideal solution for supporting your entire service organization. ServiceNow provides your employees with real-time data and insights and makes it possible to systemize, prioritize and act according to your customer's needs and expectations. 

With ServiceNow's Customer Service application you have access to all relevant data and resources, including information about the customer's devices and services, guides and trouble-shooting, support rights and more. This makes your workflow more efficient, as you have all relevant data at hand. Be proactive and on the spot when it counts and provide your customers with world-class service.

ServiceNow key benefits for CSM

Companies recognized that investing in a cloud-based CSM platform is one of the most significant and strategic ways to stand out in a competitive marketplace!

Why do businesses choose ServiceNow for CSM?

ServiceNow CSM is helping businesses and organizations to deliver a seamless, integrated customer experience by focusing on customer strategy and customer success. Some of ServiceNow CSM's strengths are listed as below:

  • Strong case management.
  • Strong incident management.
  • Easy configuration and modification.
Companies recognized that investing in a cloud-based CSM platform is one of the most significant and strategic ways to stand out in a competitive marketplace!

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