IT Operations Management: ServiceNow

Learn best practices in optimizing the availability, efficiency, and performance of your company's IT operations.


Why do businesses need IT Operations Management?

IT operations need to deliver resilient and secure services to the business. Without the right tools it’s difficult to predict and prevent problems and issues. ServiceNow helps make proactive operations a reality by transforming how your IT teams work together across operations, security, and DevOps.


What is IT Operations Management (ITOM)?

IT Operations Management (ITOM) is a set of best practices for optimizing the efficiency and performance of IT operations. Through ITOM, you reduce infrastructure spending, improve utilization of existing resources. The goals of ITOM are to:

  • Improve consistency and reliability of IT services
  • Take advantage of AI and machine learning to automate processes
  • Move away from reactive problem-solving to proactive prevention
  • Right-size IT resources in lockstep with real-time usage demands

ServiceNow ITOM

With extensive AIOps capabilities built on the Now Platform®, your IT teams can run proactive operations. ServiceNow ITOM, Security Operations, and DevOps improve your IT maturity from reactive and responsive to intelligent and proactive. ServiceNow ITOM provides you with:

  • AIOps capabilities that include historical data/actions, real-time views, and business service context.
  • Powerful out-of-the-box capabilities that provide results faster with less cost and customization.
  • One single platform from where your IT operations, service management, security, risk, and DevOps teams can all leverage the same information and context

Why do businesses choose ServiceNow for ITOM?

With ITOM, you make smarter decisions and achieve higher ROI by increasing efficiency and lowering costs that allow you to reinvest your savings back into the business.

Full visibility

Accelerated resolutions

Cloud implementation

Full visibility

ServiceNow ITOM provides full visibility of all infrastructure and services from a single source, enabling the business to focus on improving quality, reducing risk, and optimizing infrastructure spend across its entire IT infrastructure and operations organization.

Accelerated resolutions

ServiceNow ITOM is powered by ServiceNow’s industry-leading AIOps, which uses AI to automate and improve resolutions faster and more effectively than humans could.

Cloud implementation

ServiceNow ITOM’s extensive resources and tools to support cloud implementations ensure that the business can build and quickly deploy optimally designed cloud infrastructure.

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