Standard conditions

All amounts are stated in (€ / NOK / DKK / USD / PLN / SEK) excluding VAT and other fees, which are added at the time of invoicing according to current rules. 

Additional orders must be signed by an authorized person with the Customer.

Functionality and service details Supplier

For third-party products regardless of category, functionality and options available at the time of purchase from the third-party apply. The Supplier is a reseller of third-party products and cannot be held responsible for third party service terms and conditions. For details or further description of functionality or service details, see any attachments according to the attachment table in the Agreement. 

Price adjustments

Prices for all services covered by this Agreement can be index-adjusted annually by the Supplier during the Agreement period. Price adjustment will be done according to the  Consumer Price Index in the applicable Country. In the event of price adjustments on third-party products, the prices in this agreement will automatically be adjusted correspondingly from the same period as the third-party Supplier applies the changes.

Consulting delivery term

By signing this Agreement, the Parties agree on the content of the Delivery and/or Team of Consultants. Content and Team can be modified 14 days prior to the start of the agreed delivery. At any later notice, Supplier reserves the right to invoice according to the agreed plan/planning phase of the agreed delivery or time accrued for planning of the Project.

Travel costs

Allowance  following Government rates  apply and are calculated from the Contractor's premises (when agreed upon with the Customer). Travel for shorter assignments (<7.5 hours) is invoiced at 100% of the hourly rate at the time of travel (normal or overtime). Travel time for longer assignments (> 7.5 hours) is invoiced at 50% of the hourly rate. Travel is only invoiced where the trip is necessary for the execution of the assignment and is jointly agreed to.

The customer is responsible for ensuring that access to premises, equipment, systems, etc. is prepared and that agreed checklists and preparations are carried out before the consultant's assignment begins. Postponements and delays due to lack of preparation / preparation on the part of the customer are invoiced in full.

Terms of payment

Subscriptions  are invoiced after the end of the month with 30 days due unless otherwise specifically agreed. Other services are invoiced upon delivery (time & material) with 14 days due.

Issued invoices are considered tacitly accepted if there is no written objection by the due date. The agreement presupposes that the invoice is sent as an electronic invoice or email invoice in accordance with the Supplier's current practice. 

Subscription renewals and termination

All subscriptions and current agreements are automatically renewed with a length corresponding to the original agreement period, unless otherwise agreed. Automatic renewal of the Agreement can be terminated within 3 month before the start of the next period.