The Cloud People is a certified Google Cloud Platform collaboration partner and authorized G Suite Reseller. We help and guide organizations transform their business to the cloud and gain and utilize the competitive advantages from one of the best cloud platform solutions on the market today.

Our team of project managers, designers, developers, GCP Cloud Architects and data engineers build affordable custom applications and integrations. We’ve delivered a large number of successful projects for medium and large-scale customers in Northern Europe, within telecommunication, banking, finance, energy, et al.

At The Cloud People we focus only on one platform and one solution to ensure that we can offer our customers the best competence available. You will never hear us ask you what you want to buy, we want to understand your business so we can help you find the best solutions and the services you need to grow and increase productivity in your organisation.

Our team

Portrait of Bjørn Jarl.
Bjørn Jarl Chairman of the Board
Tord Ripe
Tord Ripe Managing Partner & Advisor
Marcin Bielak
Marcin Bielak Managing Partner & Advisor
Nora Ottesen Rinnan
Nora Ottesen Rinnan Managing Partner, Marketing & HR
Emilie Lewander Johannesen
Emilie Lewander Johannesen Resource Manager & Marketing Consultant
Magnus Lystad
Magnus Lystad Account Manager
Therese Rummelhoff Ruud
Therese Rummelhoff Ruud Finance Manager & Office Administrator
Inge Russenes
Inge Russenes Principal Solution Consultant
Vegard Porsedal
Vegard Porsedal Principal Solution Consultant
Fani Abatzi
Fani Abatzi IT and Operations Consultant
Heidi Anita Foss
Heidi Anita Foss Solution Consultant
Nicolai Skogheim
Nicolai Skogheim Solution Consultant
Ole Marius Pentzen
Ole Marius Pentzen Solution Consultant
Even Mathilassi Lien
Even Mathilassi Lien Senior Solution Consultant
Sondre Pedersen
Sondre Pedersen Solution Consultant
Gareth Alwyn Rowlands
Gareth Alwyn Rowlands Solution Consultant
Jaan Klouman
Jaan Klouman Senior Solution Consultant
Kjell Ringstrand
Kjell Ringstrand Solution Consultant
Oleg Andrushko
Oleg Andrushko Solution Consultant
Kamille Jarl
Kamille Jarl Trainee
Nicolai Solem
Nicolai Solem Solution Consultant
Marianne Ekelund
Marianne Ekelund Senior Account Manager
Marko Mikkola
Marko Mikkola Managing Partner & Advisor
Hannes Hirvikallio
Hannes Hirvikallio Managing Partner, Alliances
Mikko Pääkkönen
Mikko Pääkkönen Managing Partner & Advisor
Jari Eskelinen
Jari Eskelinen Senior Solution Consultant
Jussi Valkonen
Jussi Valkonen Senior Solution Consultant
Kalevi Koskinen
Kalevi Koskinen Solution Consultant
Mikko Kapulainen
Mikko Kapulainen Senior Solution Consultant
Samuli Rantala
Samuli Rantala Senior Technical Consultant
Laura Sjamsi
Laura Sjamsi Junior Consultant
Marcin Majcherkiewicz
Marcin Majcherkiewicz Managing Partner & Advisor
Katarzyna Pawlowska-Szczech
Katarzyna Pawlowska-Szczech Finance Consultant
Bartosz Kubacki
Bartosz Kubacki Technical Consultant
Michal Janocha
Michal Janocha Technical Consultant
Tomasz Kaczmarczyk
Tomasz Kaczmarczyk Senior Technical Consultant
Andrii Pryimak
Andrii Pryimak Solution Consultant
Bogdan Kostka
Bogdan Kostka Senior Technical Consultant
Leszek Hanusiak
Leszek Hanusiak Solution Consultant
Mateusz Furtak
Mateusz Furtak Junior Technical Consultant
Michał Brzeziński
Michał Brzeziński Junior Technical Consultant
Milosz Kucmierz
Milosz Kucmierz Solution Consultant
Norbert Bokwa
Norbert Bokwa Senior Technical Consultant
Patryk Misiaszek
Patryk Misiaszek Technical Consultant
Michał Jaśpiński
Michał Jaśpiński Technical Consultant
Łukasz Kolasa
Łukasz Kolasa Technical Consultant
Maciej Turski
Maciej Turski Technical Consultant
Reza Shahidi
Reza Shahidi Managing Partner & Sr. Solution Consultant
Jerker Lund
Jerker Lund Senior Account Manager