Corporate Social Responsibility  (CSR)

This document lays the groundwork for how we relate to each other and to our surroundings. This document describes what is expected of managers and employees of The Cloud People (hereinafter referred to as TCP) as well as exclusive and non-exclusive contractors who act on behalf of the TCP.

1. We act in a way that ensures TCP neutrality, credibility and integrity

It is important for us to have trust and a good reputation and we are all responsible for contributing to this.

2. We comply with laws and regulations

We comply with applicable laws, rules and standards at all times, even if it may involve additional costs or delays. It is a personal responsibility to ensure compliance with the standards and restrictions set out in the legislation.

3. We emphasise the environment and climate

TCP is an environmentally responsible IT company. We must comply with relevant national and international standards. We use environmentally friendly technology and solutions and we minimise our own environmental emissions.

4. We show respect for the UN's human rights and labour rights

TCP respects the UN Declaration of Human Rights and avoids being involved in violations of these. TCP ensures the rights of employees, including employees' freedom of association, the removal of child labour and the prohibition of discrimination in connection with employment and job appointments. We share a responsibility to ensure that TCP meets these requirements.

5. We make our decisions on a solid professional basis and at the right level

We make decisions based on sound professional assessments and analysis of factual conditions. Any decision is made at the correct level in accordance with the applicable power of attorney rules. We become acquainted with the authority and power of attorney structure in TCP, know our own powers of attorney and act in accordance with these.

6. We put TCP's interests first

TCP respects the individual employee's right to privacy and private interests, and demands openness and loyalty in relation to TCP's interests. We do not put ourselves in a position where we could get into a conflict of interest with TCP. We do not use confidential information for personal gain. We clarify board positions and ownership interests of customers, suppliers and partners with our superiors. We shall not hold positions or ownership interests where the loyalty of TCP may be called into question, or which may mean that TCP's reputation or credibility is called into question. If incapacity otherwise arises, it is our duty on our own initiative to notify the relationship.

7. We respect that information is confidential

We have a duty of confidentiality regarding customers ', employees', suppliers 'and others' personal or business matters, which we become aware of through our work in TCP. This applies to information about business operations, security matters, personal information and matters that are of an internal and / or confidential nature. The duty of confidentiality applies both externally and in relation to colleagues who do not need the information in their work. We do not provide confidential information to third parties without the written consent of the person who is protected, or where this is authorised by law or regulation. The duty of confidentiality does not preclude notification of matters worthy of criticism.

8. We manage information and IT systems in a responsible manner

TCP handles and uses information, IT systems and Internet services in a responsible and professional manner. Electronic data stored in TCP's IT systems is the property of the group, and we accept that TCP has the right to read electronic information stored on TCP's IT systems.

9. We have good internal control that ensures correct accounting information and quality in the processes

We ensure good internal control in the processes we are involved in by implementing control measures in accordance with documented guidelines.

10. We take care of TCP's assets

TCP's assets are safeguarded and secured in an appropriate manner. We do not use TCP's assets for personal purposes unless this is clarified in the employment relationship or is a result of TCP's rules and guidelines.

11. We have zero tolerance for corruption and lubrication

TCP works actively to combat corruption. This means that we do not offer or receive monetary gifts or other financial reimbursements for the purpose of providing personal or business benefits to ourselves or others.

12. We are wary of gifts and other benefits

We are cautious about receiving or giving gifts or courtesy gestures. We do not accept gifts or other forms of compensation if there is reason to believe that the purpose is to influence business decisions. If we are in doubt about gifts and benefits, we should confer with our immediate superior.

13. We focus on health, working environment and safety (HSE)

TCP is a secure workplace. TCP must satisfy national and international standards in health, working environment and safety. We are all responsible for helping to achieve these goals.

14. We promote equality and diversity

TCP is a company that knows is characterised by respect and equal opportunities for all through a professional, positive and inclusive work environment. TCP stimulates all employees, regardless of gender, nationality, religion, functional ability, sexual orientation, age or political position, to professional and personal growth, co-responsibility and utilisation of their resources. We are all responsible for ensuring that discrimination against colleagues does not take place in TCP.

15. We have the right to comment on matters worthy of criticism in TCP

TCP encourages everyone to report conditions that are not as they should be in the business. Notification should be made to the immediate superior, alternatively we can contact our employee representative. Notice must be sound. TCP protects those who warn properly. TCP corrects criticisable conditions in the business.