A functional solution for managing a multi-customer environment





Aiming for a more functional solution for service production and management in a multi-customer environment

IT outsourcing company StarIT focuses on producing IT outsourcing services and offers various IT solutions and entities, mainly for growth and technology companies. Sakari Suhonen, the CEO of StarIT, has been with the company for almost a year and a half. He has twenty years of experience in the software and service business in the IT industry.

StarIT operates in a multi-customer environment, and its goal was to find as functional and suitable solution as possible for its customers’ service production to replace the previous solution that had been in use for several years. It was essential both to be able to integrate into customers’ systems and processes and operate centrally in a multi-customer environment. The biggest challenge was related to the management of the multi-customer environment and the system and process automations related to it.

“Our customers need to configure, for example, a self-service portal and certain processes within it, that in turn produce us superior efficiency in terms of service production – this was the priority we started to resolve.” – Sakari Suhonen, CEO, StarIT.

Clear and skilful collaboration with ServiceNow and The Cloud People

By evaluating various alternative solutions, StarIT chose ServiceNow, who clearly pointed out the suitable solutions for StarIT’s needs. The surrounding ecosystem and the opportunities for expansion also played a role in the selection considering StarIT’s growing business. The discussion about the needs, the project, and the whole started with ServiceNow, who recommended continuing the conversation with The Cloud People, whose know-how and vision about the projects and the whole convinced StarIT – and the collaboration was ready to begin.

The straightforward and clear selection process took a total of about three months. The focus was on finding a suitable entity and licensing model for StarIT and ensuring that the solution would also make sense in the future regarding StarIT’s growing business. A functional outcome was achieved by building a suitable entity for the needs with The Cloud People and optimising it to be as appropriate as possible with ServiceNow.

“In practice, this kind of system is really critical for us, as our entire business is based on producing services and all our business-critical processes pass through ServiceNow, which is also in the centre of StarIT’s internal ERP.” – Sakari Suhonen, CEO, StarIT.


The biggest business benefit of the solution lies in the extensive future opportunities it offers

All in all, this is a large and significant entity to bring into use for StarIT, and its best aspects are highlighted especially from a configurability and integrability perspective. The extent of the underlying ecosystem has also been a positive surprise in terms of supporting different system integrations and processes. The happiest surprise of all has been how flexible it is to work with customers in relation to the previous solution.

From a business perspective, however, the goals related to the solution are primarily in the future: how it will scale and what kind of solutions will be brought into use later. In the future, the whole will enable things to be done better and more extensively, for example regarding automations or integrations. The biggest business benefit of changing the system lies therefore in the extensive opportunities the new solution offers for the future.

“I definitely recommend The Cloud People and ServiceNow specifically to Managed Service Providers who operate in multi-customer environments and for whom such a system is critical in terms of service production.” – Sakari Suhonen, CEO, StarIT.