Efficient contract management in Tosibox

Efficient and automated contract management for thousands of customers

The Finnish tech company, Tosibox, has a complete overview and insights into their many customer contracts with ServiceNow CSM. This has reduced manual work, increased customer satisfaction, and revenue, as better customer insights give possibilities to proactively upsell and cross-sell more Tosibox solutions to existing customers.

A massive transformation

Tosibox is a global company that offers its customers an easy-to-use platform to build critical infrastructure. The company was established in 2010 in Oulu, Finland, and launched its first product two years later: the world’s first remote access appliance with Plug & Go technology. Today the company is going through a massive transformation changing its business model from selling Tosibox network products to selling secure remote access as a service on a subscription model. 

Urgent need for efficient contract management

After rapid global growth in the latest years, Tosibox faced an increasingly urgent need for a system around contract management that would handle processes, renewals, modifications, and more. Managing all the different contracts, maintaining, and handling them, was a time-consuming process. It took much work to  update the contracts manually, and it wasn't easy  to get an overview of which contracts needed attention due to renewal, license updates, product replacement, maintenance, and so forth. Adding new contracts was also a time-consuming manual process.

ServiceNow CSM was the right fit

To make contract management more efficient and automated, Tosibox decided to invest in ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management module with a Contract Management application. In the ServiceNow platform, contracts contain detailed information, and one can view all information about contract status in various contract management reports.

Everything is gathered in one platform

With help from The Cloud People a new solution was built and implemented to leverage the features and functionalities from the platform. Today, everything around the customer's contracts is gathered in one platform with easy access for Tosibox employees within an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The CSM solution is also set up with automatic reminders and follow-ups on the customers giving better customer service.

The benefits for Tosibox

The ServiceNow Customer Service Solution with Contract Management application has given Tosibox various benefits such as:

  • Overall better customer service. 
  • Improved service operations and more vital engagement with customers.
  • Better internal overview and insights into the customer contracts.
  • Automated processes around contract management reduce manual work hours and leverage better quality and service.
  • Better customer insights give possibilities to upsell and cross-sell more Tosibox solutions to existing customers.
  • Adding new customers and new contracts is easier and faster.
  • Having a platform that supports further global growth.
  • They have a platform that underlines the transformation of their business model from selling network products to selling secure remote access and network as a service.

Towards Self-service

After a successful pilot project, The Cloud People has continuously developed the ServiceNow CSM platform together with resources from Tosibox. The next step for Tosibox is to develop a self-service portal so the customers can handle their contracts and request new services, licenses, and solutions themselves. Tosibox is also looking into utilizing the ServiceNow ITSM tools (IT Service Management) to deliver better and more automated IT services.