Do you have a digital workplace?

By 2021, 60 percent of the world’s largest businesses will have introduced more innovative ways of working, IDC predicts. Being able to offer a digital workplace is becoming increasingly important, and has put pressure on those employers that want to attract the best candidates. Job seekers now expect more jobs that can offer this. Is your workplace digital enough?

What is a digital workplace?

A digital workplace includes everything within communication, information and digital collaboration, and means a change in the organization’s mindset and way of working. Today’s jobs consist of much more than the physical office – pretty much everything we do is done digitally, and we work and communicate through digital tools most of the time. The way we work has changed, and we are becoming increasingly more mobile. This places new demands on the workplaces. Regardless of industry and size of the organizations and companies, we see that digital workstations have become the physical desktop’s counterpart. On the other hand, this means that the workplaces become more flexible. The technology we use has to meet the expectations we have for better communication and more effective collaboration. But where to start?

How to digitize the workplace

To perform a successful and effective shift, there are a number of things to consider; is the technology you’re choosing the right one and do I have the right strategy to reach my goal? With this in mind, it is easier to take care of the many opportunities behind digitalisation of the workplace. This, in addition to educating the staff so that they know the tools well. A good digital workplace is simply a work environment where employees have and know all the tools needed to perform their tasks in the best possible way.

The tools that are right for each business will vary, and will depend to some extent on who works there and with what. By identifying the needs of the employees, as well as the systems and tools the company uses today, it is easier to make wise decisions so you’ll end up choosing the solutions that suit your business best.

Workplaces that offer their employees digital solutions that unite collaboration and information sharing on one platform provide more satisfied employees (Gartner).

What should be digitized?

Digitization will benefit the workplace in several ways, including employees being able to collaborate and share knowledge across locations through a solid and social platform. In the long term, this can mean that employees feel better and become more efficient. Functional and effective digital tools create the conditions for an inclusive and positive work environment, which will affect the company’s productivity. Today’s modern workplace is characterized by high rates of change and greater demands for efficiency. Because we spend so much time of our workday on collaboration, it puts demands on the systems and platforms the workplace uses.

Digital collaboration platform

A modern workplace uses tools that make employees’ lives more efficient. A solid collaboration platform that neatly contains the tasks and documents that employees use, and with the help artificial intelligence (AI) help them to prioritize in a busy day. A digital workplace allows employees to easily store and share in the cloud, attend video conferencing, and do their work in real-time, regardless of where they are.

We believe that a social collaboration platform like G Suite from Google creates a good foundation for future growth for modern jobs. Read more about why you should choose G Suite for your business here.

Intelligent intranet

The core of the digital workplace in the intranet – a place for corporate and its employees to share content, solutions and collaborate. The intranet will gather people, information and content across departments and locations, and act as a driver for engagement and communication. We believe that this creates the conditions for a positive and inclusive work environment.

The Cloud People delivers the intranet from Happeo, which integrates perfectly with the collaborative platform from G Suite. Read more about how an intranet can improve internal communication in your company here.

Why should you digitize your workplace?

By optimizing the use of the tools above, your company can improve both internal and external communication and collaboration capabilities. Digital tools can save you costs and make the workplace more environmentally friendly. Not least, it will attract more job seekers. In short, digitization of the workplace will most likely result in:

  • Better communication and collaboration between employees
  • Raise sharing of knowledge and expertise
  • Higher efficiency with streamlined processes and real-time collaboration
  • Increased productivity with better information flow

We help our customers implement solutions to achieve an efficient and streamlined workday. Want to know more about G Suite, Happeo or one of our other solutions? Contact us, and we will set up a non-binding meeting.

Would you like to become better acquainted with some of the tools mentioned? Check out our webinars on our YouTube channel here.