G Suite is history – please welcome Google Workspace!

Google newly announced Google Workspace, a unified experience with new features for organizations of all sizes in various industries. You can expect lots of new and exciting updates. The solution covers everything you need to succeed with your tasks – one stop shop, if you wish.

What is Google Workspace

Google Workspace is the very definition of the solution you need to have the work done, now all in one place. Here you can find all cloud-based tools such as email, calendar, chat, online meetings and office management gathered for your convenience. The solution is supported by AI together with Google search technology that gives you a possibility to work smarter and way more effectively.

Most important changes in Google Workspace

There are three development features in the new solution:

  1. Integrated customer experience helps collaborators to work even more effectively in teams as well as being able to invite external participants.
  2. New brand identity reflects the very own Google vision on the set up for the products.
  3. Tailored solutions to support your business model – with a higher number of licenses included.


Integrated customer experience

Google Workspace is an integrated work area which is easy to use. It allows you to spend less time managing your tasks, and actually makes room to spend more time on performing the tasks. Our new workplace is no longer an office space, you simply work where it fits you. This requires us to think in a new way, and demands easy and effective solutions for collaboration with colleagues and stakeholders spread geographically.

Google Workspace offers you an experience of working effectively together as if you were sitting next to each other.



New brand identity

Google Workspace has a new name and new icons as well as a new logo design for some applications. Several icons have been freshened up with four new colors.

New subscription and price structure

Google Workspace has 5 various subscriptions to choose from – in comparison to G Suite offering 3 choices.

Business Starter is the basic package which starts at EUR 4,68 per user per month. Subscription fits best for companies with a need for basic necessities such as email, calendar, office support and limited storage.

Business Standard fits companies that prefer online meetings and are in need of more storage. The complete package allows effective collaboration on a budget. Price per user per month is EUR 9,36.

Business Plus is a new subscription that includes expanded security and administration management, including Vault and advanced endpoint management. Price per user per month is EUR 15,60. In addition the package includes more storage and a higher amount of participants per meeting.

Enterprise Standard is best for the organizations with more than 300 employees. The offering includes a broader range of security functions customized exactly for companies of this size. You will enjoy unlimited use of data storage. Price per user per month is EUR 19,00.

Enterprise Plus is customized for the organizations of a larger size or for those in need of a more advanced security, smart administration and compliance updates including Archive, FDT, support for geo-location of data and managing endpoints. Price per user per month is EUR 28,55.

Business subscription is especially designed for the SMB market and is available for companies with less than 300 users.

Please note that the prices are subject to exchange rate, and it is possible to obtain great discounts by signing a 12 to 60 months binding subscription with us being a Google partner.

New functions

Here are some of the new features in Google Workspace:

“Smart chips”: When one user mentions another one in a document, a pop-up screen will appear with the following information: context details, proposed actions such as file sharing or a task.

PiP tool for video conferences in Meet (Google’s online picture-in-picture meeting solution), while you edit a document, a spreadsheet or a presentation.

Create and edit documents directly in the chatroom without opening a new tab. This makes it easier to share content and collaborate with stakeholders outside your organization.

Preview of links: As a user you can now see a preview of links you insert in your files instead of being forced to click on them.

“All in One” mobile application: Read emails, chat, check the calendar or start an online meeting directly in your Google Workspace mobile app.

Google is the first choice when it comes to tools for productivity and collaboration for billions of users around the globe, which is not surprising at all. It is more important than ever to have this opportunity for building a more consistent connection to secure the best collaboration possible in our daily lives based on online interactions.

Google Workspace allows you to work wherever needed – offline and on any device – with the tools to help you integrate, amend or develop your employee’s requirements. Contact us today if you want to start using Google Workspace or if you would like to receive more information on how the new license model affects you if you already use G Suite.