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Forbes has ranked ServiceNow as the world’s most innovative company – ahead of companies such as Tesla, Amazon, Salesforce and Netflix. It is time to get to know ServiceNow better and learn how the Now platform can drive innovation in your company.


All companies have a number of processes that are repeated again and again and which must be documented and performed in a set sequence. Such processes may include how the IT department sets up a computer or a mobile phone for new hires or how new security solutions are rolled out in your business units. Other examples include processes for when people join or leave the company, how HR processes work leave applications or holds performance and development reviews, sales and support processes for customer service and customer enquiries etc. 

Very often these processes are manual and made up of a delicate mix of emails, spreadsheets and documents held in extensive folder structures or they may be handled by internal applications developed in-house, applications that are growing more and expensive to keep up to date. Many businesses also use stand-alone, external applications not connected to its other systems.

All the solutions described above suffer from weaknesses related to security, traceability and lack of integration with other systems.

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The beginning: Simplifying the work of the IT department

When Fred Luddy founded the company now known as ServiceNow in 2004, his business idea was to simplify and automate IT-related processes and his goal was to save valuable time for the IT staff while making processes structured, verifiable and documented. 

However, Luddy soon found that the structuring and automation of work processes benefited all departments, not just IT.

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The world’s most innovative company

Why did Forbes rank ServiceNow as the world’s most innovative company? 

The simple answer is that ServiceNow, with its easy and effective solutions, helps foster digital transformation in all kinds of businesses.

ServiceNow has developed a cloud platform, called Now, that offers solutions which simplify and automate businesses’ internal processes. Via the Now platform customers can easily create their own work flows and processes with little or no coding. 

ServiceNow makes automating workflows and ensuring consistently correct and traceable processes easy. The Now platform allows employees to use their expertise to create added value, rather than spending their time on repetitive manual processes. This also helps reduce sources of error.

Making digitalizing your business easy

The intuitive drag and drop interface of the Now platform allows for easy creation of applications and automation of workflows, often without any coding, replacing manual procedures that result in fragmented spreadsheets and emails where both control and overview are easily lost. 

The interface also makes it visually easy to design more comprehensive services and explain what you want from your developers.

The Now platform already contains a number of ready-made solutions handling many standard processes used by HR, IT, sales and customer services departments. The solutions can be tested free of charge before putting them to work. 

Shared data remove silos

Many businesses have long struggled with internal applications receiving their data from different sources, resulting in so-called silos in the organisation. While IT has one overview, HR has another and sales may use different customer names than accounting etc. On the Now platform, all applications use the same sets of data, avoiding silos and enabling easy development of new applications across departments and systems. 

Today’s employees and customers have high expectations. They are used to streamlined e-commerce, streaming and management services and expect the organisation’s own digital services to hold commercial-grade quality. ServiceNow enables businesses to accelerate their digital transformation and allow employees to use their expertise for value-generating tasks rather than repetitive manual processes.

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Digital transformation has never been easier. Automated workflows via ServiceNow’s Now platform enables unique user experiences for your employees, regardless of global location. View the ServiceNow introduction video here: