ServiceNow is the perfect companion for Microsoft Teams

The ServiceNow integrations with Microsoft Teams help users to create a better, more connected experience for their customers. It drives productivity for the entire enterprise as employees get seamless self-service and agents can resolve their cases faster.

With the recent release of Quebec ServiceNow extended the integration with Microsoft Teams and made it even better and easier to use. 
ServiceNow for Microsoft Teams extends the Now Virtual Agent integration with Teams to enable employees to more effectively request and receive service from within the collaboration platform. 

ServiceNow has several different integrations with Microsoft Teams that allow various use cases making different teams and departments more efficient and productive. Under we list some of them.

With IT Service Management (ITSM) integration with Microsoft Teams you can:
  • Offer IT services through Microsoft Teams to improve employee and agent productivity.
  • Enable IT agents to initiate chat with an employee via Microsoft Teams
With HR Service Delivery Management with Microsoft Teams you can: 
  • Offer HR services through Microsoft Teams as an additional channel
  • Enable HR agents to initiate chat with an employee via Microsoft Team
With Notify connector for Microsoft Teams you can:
  • Enable agents to initiate a Microsoft Teams call or meeting with an employee directly from their Workspace or from Agent Chat
  • Work and manage the major incidents from Major Incident Management (MIM) workbench through Microsoft Teams.

In this blog post, we will concentrate on the upper. 


Read our whitepaper to learn how we can help you integrate Microsoft Teams with  ServiceNow.


Long requested ITSM feature

The ITSM integration with Microsoft Teams is a feature that has been long requested from several of our customers. The integration makes it possible to start chat conversations within Teams, with a trigger point being a ServiceNow record in a desired table, with conversation history available as an import to the ticket history later. 


The IT Service Management integration includes the following additional capabilities:

  • Actionable notifications – for approval and comments on tickets. Users can reply to the notifications from within Microsoft Teams.
    • Approval – for Request (single Requested Item), Change Request
    • Ticket comments: Employees are able to respond to notifications on the tickets from within Microsoft Teams: Incident, Requested Item, and Change Request.
  • Provides agents the ability to initiate a Microsoft Teams chat with an employee from an incident, change request, and request item and then copy the chat transcript back to the ticket as a comment.
  • Additional informational notifications for:
    • Incident: Resolved, Updated
    • Requested Item: Completed, Approved, Rejected, Updated
    • Approval (for all approvals other than Request (with a single requested item), and Change Request)


At The Cloud People, we have already done several implementations of the IT Service Management integration with Microsoft Teams and have succeeded in delivering a customer-tailored enhancement – something that ServiceNow is no doubt great at. The integration is easy to implement and use, and it greatly enhances the user experience and shortens the usual distance between the requester and resolver coming from the email chains and/or activity log updates. 

Microsoft Teams integration with ServiceNow is one of the most requested features in recent history that we had undisputed pleasure implementing and customizing for our customers. 

The feedback from our customers is positive and tells us that this is pretty much a must if you plan on enabling a more interactive approach between your end-users and resolvers. Should you wish The Cloud People to implement this feature for you, or see the working demo, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Download whitepaper-Teams ServiceNow integration