Why we run background checks in The Cloud People

There are several situations in life where you can trust your gut-feeling, but when it comes to recruitment, it is not recommended to rely on your own judgement alone. When it comes to selecting the best candidates, you should go beyond face value and have clear routines to follow.

What is a background check?

A background check is to search for and verify information that may have an impact on the recruitment process. The background check can reveal anything from irregularities related to CV, experience, competence and education to a history of far-reaching statements, violations of the criminal code, conflicts and reputational issues.

Why background checks are important

Background checks increase the quality of the internal recruitment process, strengthen the employer’s reputation and act preventively on the applicants. Through the process, candidates are assured objective and fair treatment.

You have a legal right to learn more about the candidate you are about to commit a relationship with. A bad hire is very time consuming and can incur high costs. It is also important to make sure you hire honest workers. We know that organizations lose a high amount of revenue each year to fraud. This may not be possible to predict in the future, but it is possible to be informed of the past.

Why is this important to our customers?

We run background checks on all our consultants first of all to make sure we hire the right people, but also to assure our customers that our people are trustworthy and honest. It is important to us that the customers know they get the quality they are paying for when they are using our professional services team, irrespective of the country they are located in. When you are using a consultant from The Cloud People, you can be sure that the consultant’s identity and background have been verified, as well as education, certifications and previous work history. We use Semac for this purpose, Norway’s leading supplier of background checks.

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