Multisite and customer portal for HudHelse


HudHelse is a distributor for several world-leading product lines in skin and beauty care, including ZO Skin Health, Colorescience and EndyMed. HudHelse AS is the leading distributor in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

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HudHelse AS is a distributor for several agencies in the field of facial and beauty acre, and manages the presence online for the agencies ZO Skin Health and Colorescience throughout the Nordic region. The agencies’ websites were previously separate and apparently had no connection with HudHelse. HudHelse’s main domain was profiled as ZO Skin Health, which could seem confusing to an end-user because the user was sent out of the HudHelse website to access the information of the various agencies. The website also publishes relevant articles and literature on the products they lead through the various agencies. Since HudHelse operates in several countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland) it was important to be able to translate and handle all the different languages on the same website. HudHelse wanted to gather all the agencies and their entire operations on one site where everything could be managed from one place, and in addition linked clearly with HudHelse as a distributor in the Nordic countries and the various agencies.

Customer portal

HudHelse wanted a solution for its customers – the clinics that sell the products to end customers. They wanted a separate clinic portal where the clinics should be able to log in and download image, video and text material from the various agencies for their own use. This, in addition to retrieving information on courses and other HudHelse-initiated events. The portal also had to be displayed in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish.


There was no clear distinction between HudHelse and their agencies, and HudHelse also had no prominent visual voice, but rather leaned on the agencies’ predefined design manuals. In line with the goal of gathering HudHelse’s operations under one site, it was necessary to develop a separate visual expression of HudHelse to establish a hierarchy between HudHelse as a distributor and their agencies.



HudHelse’s website was deployed in WordPress, which is the world’s leading CMS. WordPress makes it easy to manage and edit content for the user. To meet the need to collect different websites on one platform, we chose to develop the sites as a multisite. A multisite is a network of web pages on one and the same WordPress installation, which means that you have the ability to manage as many websites as you wish from the same site. This makes the administration of the sites much more synchronous and intuitive, and you have a complete overview of all the websites you manage at any time. This also gives full control over what access the various editors have. One can, for example, add an editor who only has access to one or two of the web pages in the network. HudHelse’s multisite network consists of HudHelse’s primary site, a website for the agency Zo Skin Health, a website for the agency Colorescience and a website for the clinic portal.

Each site in a multisite can appear as completely separate to the end user, or as a clear part of the network if desired. Following HudHelse’s desire to clarify its position as a distributor of the various product ranges, it has been emphasized that the end-user should understand that they are still in HudHelse even if they are at the agency ZO Skin Heath’s website. In this way, it is easy for the end user to navigate between the different agencies, as well as HudHelse’s own pages, blog posts and maps of clinics.

Customer portal

The clinic portal was developed as a separate website in the network, and is managed from the same panel as all the other pages in the network. The clinic portal is a locked platform that requires login details to be accessed. We created a membership system where HudHelse itself could add and manage users they wanted to have access to the portal. According to HudHelse’s wish, we focused on being able to add and manage all material in the clinic portal as easily as possible in all languages.


Since HudHelse AS is in the beauty and wellness market, it was natural to let the design speak the same language. Neutral, soft colors, clean lines and delicate fonts were chosen to underpin the agency’s beauty principles. As each of the agencies had pre-defined design manuals, it was important that HudHelse’s visual expression should not be dominant so that it could synergic with the agency’s design manuals and put their visual identity in focus. Nevertheless, it was important to establish a comprehensive and recognizable visual expression that could be passes on to the clinic portal.

The result

The result is an integrated network of websites that gives HudHelse full control over all of its websites from one and the same panel. At the same time, the websites are intuitive to navigate through to the end user, and they have all the information published by HudHelse available from the same site. There has been established a clear hierarchy between HudHelse at the primary distributor and ZO Skin Health and Colorescienve as subsidiary agencies.