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symfoni_next-customer_case-kundecase-stiftelsen_matmerk-norskmat_no-2000x738 is a collection site for the branded labels Nyt Norge and Spesialitet. Matmerk, an independent foundation established by the Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food, has created the two branded labels.



Matmerk wanted a webside to gather the two labels Nyt Norge and Spesialitet to make information about Norwegian foos and food production more available to consumers. The website should be a tool for building knowledge about food and knowledge about their branding with relevant and customizedcontent for mobile traffic via Facebook, native advertising and search.

Matmerk wanted a SEO- and digital ad optimized website with good integration, and a solution that could simplify their publishing routines.


The Cloud People was already the supplier of the web solutions for Matmerk and Lokalmat, and was therefore a natural choice of supplier of the technical solutions for Matmerk was already acquaint with our CMS solution Symfoni Sites. The platform allows us to build everything from simple websites to advanced web applications. From a customer perspective, this means that they can start off with a simpler website, and we can adapt the solutions from there. This way can organize the website’s structure and menus, as well as manage their own content themselves.

The website presents products from Spesialmerket, which is currently registered at We created an API at to give access to the data is needs to retrieve and convey the information.

The same solution is used for the recipes that are available on the website. Matmerk uses external suppliers or recipes, each of which has its own API, which we can connect to in order to make it possible for to retrieve the data.

The website is running om GCP, which ensures that it works as well as it does. The database is run with Cloud SQL, which means better scalability, stability and availability. This also means that all backups are managed in a sensible and safe manner.

Data security is now more stringent, the data is encrypted and the datacenter more secure.

The result is a well-functioning collection site for the branded labels, and has replaced two previous sub-pages on