The Cloud People featured in The Norwegian Financial Daily

“I have been outspoken earlier, but we are absolutely on target to reach our goal of a turnover of 52 million Euros in 2023,” says CEO Bjørn Jarl at The Cloud People to The Norwegian Financial Daily.

Since The Cloud People was founded in 2019, the company has grown to a total turnover of EUR 17.6 million and offices in eight countries. By 2023, the goal is to reach a turnover of NOK 500 million, equal to 52 million Euros.

Bjørn Jarl is confident that the company will reach the goal, he tells the Norwegian Financial Daily.

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The Cloud People is approaching its goal by leaps and bounds after having made four acquisitions last year and settled in 2021 with a turnover of NOK 170 million. This represents a growth of 400 percent from 2020. In 2020, which was the company's first full year of operation, The Cloud People had a turnover of 40 million.

“This year, we expect to reach 280 million NOK (EUR 29 mill) turnover. We currently have an organic growth of more than 100 percent,” CEO Bjørn Jarl continues.

The Cloud People can look back on a remarkable 2021:

  • The PE fund Longship joined the ownership with fresh capital to support the growth strategy.
  • Acquisition of the consulting house Verano SpringStep, a ServiceNow leader in Sweden.
  • Acquisition of Syspeople, a leading Danish ServiceNow consulting house.
  • Acquisition of Westbury Analytics in the Netherlands, specialist on ServiceNow with customers in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.
  • Acquisition of Westbury Analytics in the USA.
  • Doubling the business in Norway by acquiring a Norwegian ServiceNow consulting house. 

Altogether, this has made The Cloud People the leading specialist partner in ServiceNow in Northern Europe. Today, ServiceNow makes up 80 percent of the business. The remaining 20% comes from services and solutions related to Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace.

Recently, The Cloud People also reached the Elite Partner level at ServiceNow. With 344 ServiceNow certifications, The Cloud People is among the best-certified partners in the Nordic region.

“We have extensive experience in the ServiceNow world, and we have gained several major customers in Northern Europe. These customers generate a lot of activity, because they need to digitally transform their business. We have gained customers such as Vestas in Denmark and telecom giant Telia through acquisitions,” The Norwegian Financial Daily quotes Jarl.

Onboarding 10-12 new colleagues pr. month

Bjørn Jarl says: “There is strong demand for both technology platforms we are delivering services to, and we expect a significant increase in turnover on both platforms in the near future.”

During the last two years, The Cloud People has increased to more than 150 consultants with a speed that indicates that they are approaching 300 professionals during 2022. Currently, The Cloud People grows with 10-12 new consultants every single month. The consultants are attracted to the company by, among other things, a well-established culture and a transparent salary system. 

CEO Bjørn Jarl states: “In our company you will not get salary increases by persuasion, but from experience and development. It is the same fair system for all. We believe that documented competence will be a requirement from customers in the future. And we know  that the consultants get motivated to do trainings and gain experience with the salary increase that follows. ”

By delivering the right consultants for the right tasks in a pressured growth market, The Cloud People has developed a new and revolutionary way of providing consultants: through a concept called Smart Resourcing.

The Norwegian Financial Daily quotes Jarl: “The result is that we can offer experts in all areas of a market which is lacking IT consultants.” Bjørn Jarl explains: “Smart Resourcing is all about getting the right resource for the right task at the right price. In a market with high demand for cloud expertise, we offer consultants through a totally transparent platform. Smart Resourcing is coming alive in our self-serviced resource management platform, Cloudia. Our customers can find consultants graded from 1-8 based on competence, experience, certifications and customer satisfaction.”

The Cloud People CEO adds: “Scarcity of consultants means that the wage level is under pressure, and by the end of the day, customers have to pay for this. With Smart Resourcing, you can source the expertise you need in a more cost-effective way.  We believe Europe is ready for this.”